At Least He’s Not Your Highly Imaginative Legislator

Rep. Troy Mader (R-WY).

Rep. Troy Mader (R-WY).

As Laura Hancock of the Casper Star-Tribune reports:

Wyoming’s newest legislator stands by a book he wrote nearly 30 years ago that claims many gay people demand the right to have sex with children and people with AIDS should be quarantined if they continue having sex.

The book is called “The Death Sentence of AIDS: Vital Information For You and Your Family’s Health and Safety.” It was self-published by T.R. Mader, who at the Wyoming Legislature goes by the name Rep. Troy Mader, R-Gillette…

Mader said in an interview with the Star-Tribune the research featured in the book may be a little outdated, since it was written when HIV and AIDS were still relatively new to the medical community. But he still maintains gays are more likely to be promiscuous tha[n] heterosexuals, contributing to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“If you want to participate in that particular lifestyle, that’s your choice,” he said during a telephone interview. “But I reserve the right to say, ‘Hey, there’s risk involved.’”

Some of our longtime readers will remember the case of Colorado GOP Rep. Jim Welker, who back in 2006 was persuaded to not run for office again after highly controversial articles forwarded by Welker to his email list became public including an opinion piece saying "President Bush is not to blame for the rampant immorality of blacks" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Opposing a gay marriage resolution in 2005, Welker famously invoked a 1978 case where "a guy in Boulder tried to marry his horse."

It took some effort, but it looks like Rep. Troy Mader has got Jim Welker beat:

Mader’s book states many gays are promiscuous, citing a 1984 article from the conservative magazine American Spectator that claimed the average gay person had 1,000 to 1,600 partners in a lifetime.

“One activist has said that 10,000 sex partners in the lifetime of a ‘very active’ homosexual would not be extraordinary,” the book states on page 150… [Pols emphasis]

Mader said he still believes gays tend to be more promiscuous than straight people, and that promiscuity contributes to the spread of the HIV virus.

We can't say where Rep. Mader might have done his, you know, research on the relative promiscuity of straight people versus gays. But to put the claim in Mader's book in perspective, in order to have "10,000 sex partners," it would be necessary to have sex with a different person every day, 365 days a year, for a little over 27 years. We suppose a few orgies might whittle that number down a little.

But folks, this side of an extremely prolific porn star, that seems awfully hard to physically accomplish.

Also, the only people we've ever known to claim anything remotely close to this level of sexual prowess were all straight. And we're pretty confident, at this point in our lives, they were all lying too.

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  1. rathmone says:

    SNL: Remembrances of Love, with Wilt Chamberlain 

    Tonight….I remember Cheryl – #13,906, but in my heart, she was #2,078…


  2. DawnPatrol says:

    I'll say one thing for this hapless, hopeless nudnik: Unlike so many others in his corrupt and twisted party, at least he chooses to wear his homophobia, bigotry and hatred proudly on his sleeve, not attempting to mask it in code words, dog whistles and other transparent "wink-wink" sleights of rhetorical hand meant to nourish his fellow bigots and haters obliquely without so being identified.

    So there's that.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      True. He's got more guts than our resident cowardly racist troll, who likes to drop little hints and code words, but runs away when you dare him to just open up and admit it…

      Yes, I am talking about you, AC. 

  3. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    This is the kind of crap I remember from the early 80s, when so many of my friends were dying that I was going to at least a  funeral a week. Back then all the moralists were lecturing, " Why can't gays be more like straight people and settle down with one person?" Fast forward 30 years and gay people are trying to settle down with one person and get married. Now all the moralists are screaming "How dare gays try to get married and act like straight people?". Go figure.  

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