Leader of House Republicans Recognizes Lamborn’s Leadership

from a letter in the Gazette

Republicans need Lamborn on team in nation’s capitol

As House Republican Leader, I have been privileged to work with Rep. Doug Lamborn during his freshman term in Congress.

Lamborn built a reputation as a rocksolid conservative leader throughout his 12 years of service in the Colorado House and Senate. Now in Congress, on issue after issue, I’ve been impressed with his hard work, commitment to reform and principled stand on the issues that matter.

He’s been at the forefront of the fight against illegal immigration, fighting efforts to gut funding for the border fence and ensuring that federal benefits are available only to American citizens.

Lamborn has co-sponsored the American Energy Act (H.R. 6566) which will dramatically increase our energy supply and lower the price of gas at the pump.

Major business organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, and the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce recognize and endorse Lamborn.

Congress needs more members who will not waver when difficult votes come to the floor. Doug Lamborn is someone I can count on to always stand firm. Please vote to re-elect him. Colorado and the nation need his conservative leadership in Congress.

Rep. John Boehner, House Republican Leader Washington, D.C.

Again, for those who still have doubts about Lamborn’s leadership, here is another Republican leader who recognizes Lamborn’s leadership in Congress.  

Republicans Study Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling Endorses Lamborn’s Conservative Record

from a letter in the Gazette

For solid conservative values, Lamborn tops list of candidates

For the past year and a half, I’ve had the privilege of serving with Doug Lamborn in the U.S. House of Representatives. Even upon arriving in Washington, Lamborn already had a reputation as a rock-solid conservative leader and friend to the taxpayer.

We were all anxious to work with the man who not only had never voted for a tax increase, but was also responsible for the largest tax cut in Colorado history. It takes courage and dedication to always vote against tax increases because it is the vote that makes a difference.

Lamborn carefully delineates between politics and principles and always chooses principles. Leading conservative groups have consistently ranked Lamborn’s voting record at or near the top of all Republicans in Congress for upholding conservative fiscal and social values.

Lamborn has met our high expectations and has quickly become one of the most valuable members in the conservative caucus of the Republican Party, the Republican Study Committee.

Whether it be immigration, taxes, prolife, or family issues, Doug Lamborn not only votes right, he gets things done. Doug achieved a rare feat this Congress in that he authored a substantive bill that passed the House of Representatives. This is quite a task for anyone in the minority, let alone a freshman.

I not only offer my support for Doug, I encourage you to vote for Congressman Lamborn on August 12th.

Our country faces unprecedented challenges to its prosperity, liberty, and standing in the world if liberal views prevail in the next election. We will need men to stand in the gap, who can oppose liberal forces and strongly defend conservative values.

Doug Lamborn is the man for the job.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Chairman, Republican Study Committee Washington, D.C


Pinon Canyon- It’s Only Halftime

Lamborn’s House site posted their more recent release that cited that, yes, the MILCON amendment was never offered, but the already House passed NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) has language that allows the Army to buy from willing sellers…

A provision Congressman Lamborn included in HR 5658, the House-passed Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009, would allow willing sellers to work with the military on private land sales, if they so choose.

“This provision differs from the one-year restriction on PCMS expansion included in today’s Military Construction /Veterans Affairs appropriations bill. We will need to work together to reconcile the different perspectives in the bills.  I remain committed to working with my colleagues in the delegation to find a reasonable solution to this issue.


The language of the bill states:


(a) Protection of Private Property- The Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the military departments shall make every reasonable effort to acquire real property expeditiously by negotiation. Real property offered shall meet the requirements of Secretary-approved real property acquisition plans.

(b) Willing Sellers- The Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of a military department shall not be precluded from acquiring real property from willing sellers so long as the real property offered meet the requirements of Secretary-approved real property acquisition plans.


So much for questioning Lamborn for not taking any effective action. This guy took some preemptive action and anticipated.  

MILCON, passing the House this morning, with language for the one-year moratorium on Pinon Canyon, and the NDAA with Lamborn’s “willing sellers” language, are awaiting action on the Senate side.  Lets see if some a reasonable solution can be crafted as these two bills with conflicting language move along.