New Ad Turns Gas Prices Back On Tipton

From DC-based Public Campaign, on air today hitting freshman Rep. Scott Tipton:

A new television ad by campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign, called “Connect the Drops,” will begin airing in Colorado today to highlight Rep. Scott Tipton’s (R-Colo) votes to maintain wasteful oil subsidies at the same time he was taking campaign contributions from the oil industry donors.

“Gas prices are soaring and oil companies are raking in record profits, so why does Congress keep voting to give Big Oil handouts at taxpayer expense?” asked David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign. “One reason might be all the campaign cash oil industry donors are doling out to Scott Tipton and his colleagues.”

The U.S. House has voted repeatedly in the 112th Congress to maintain wasteful oil subsidies. Pending transportation legislation may include a vote to end or continue the subsidies in the coming weeks. Oil and gas interests have donated $7.8 million to federal elected officials already this election cycle, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics (CRP). Rep. Tipton received at least $103,000 from oil and gas industry donors in 2011, according to Public Campaign analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission and CRP.

Democrats should be relieved to see ads up early hitting back against the use of gas prices by Republicans as a political cudgel. As we discussed last month, and seems more prescient daily as the rote attacks over speculation-induced high gas prices take shape, legitimate market forces aren’t driving this election-year increase–and profits are soaring, not production costs.

Given Tipton’s lackluster fundraising elsewhere, we suppose he’s lucky they’re doing so well.

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    • JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

      How about it, Slopers and Puebloans? Are you seeing it on the teevee? I like hearing about real eyeballs and broadcasts more than Youtubes.

      • PitaPita says:

        in Mesa County O & G is king of the road. A good buyer needs to buy reach (example: into Garfield County) not just households.      

      • Konola says:

        anywhere but in my in-box.

      • Ralphie says:

        Tonight being Sunday, March 4.

        I saw it once during the NBC affiliate KKCO local news, and once during “60 Minutes” on the CBS affiliate.

        Maybe it was on the local cable slot on CBS.  I’d have to see it a couple of more times in context with other ads to say for sure.

        I will guess, however, that it’s on heavy rotation in this market.  Or at least in slots that make it likely to be seen.

        I’ll post when I have more occurrences to report.

  1. BlueCat says:

    Don’t you know that ending any subsidy to  any industry is a tax hike and tax hikes are all bad except for the tax hike that would result from ending payroll tax cuts for American workers. That would have been a good one but the mean Dems forced the good Rs to cave on that one.  Don’t you know anything?

  2. MADCO says:

    Outlaw illegal immigrants. Or some form of sex.  Or make conception the standard for citizenship.

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