Health Care Reform #1 Issue

Anybody who has seen public opinion polling in Colorado lately won’t be surprised by this: Health care reform is the #1 issue for Colorado voters.

As the Rocky Mountain News:

Steadily rising costs have made health care and health insurance the No. 1 issue in the minds of Colorado voters, according to poll results released this morning by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

That’s a significant change from just nine months ago, when education polled as the state’s most pressing concern.

And while voters feel comfortable with their current tax burden, “other data strongly suggest the public wants to avoid it getting any heavier,” according to David Hill, the Houston-based Republican consultant who conducted the poll for the Chamber.

Hill’s firm polled 602 active Colorado voters from Aug. 4-7 on their attitudes about the economy, labor, health care, transportation, education and the Roan Plateau.

In general, it found a sharp decline in consumer confidence since the firm’s last similar poll in December.