Who is Helicopter Garcia???

(Another good moment of levity in a tough last week of the election. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Today I met a REALLY low information voter. I am sorry to inform you all that this incident ended up affording my family much hilarity…so of course now I’m going to share it with you.

I recently won tickets to ride the Royal Gorge train in a Facebook contest. The caveat was that you had to schedule on a weekday, before the end of October.

Between our new business, personal/family events and this being an election year, we have been pretty swamped for the past few months, and will continue to be so for the next couple of weeks. Maybe that was a factor in why we succumbed to temptation and played hookey today….

I did decide that I would at least do a LITTLE something by acting as a walking billboard.

After our highly enjoyable train ride, we bargain-hunted our way home. We were in the Goodwill in Canon City when an older lady came up to me, stared at my shirt, and wanted to know who the heck Helicopter Garcia was.

As politely as I could, I explained the first word on my chest was Hickenlooper.

“Who’s he?” she demanded.

“He’s, uh, the guy running for governor? Well, one of the guys.”

She recoiled with her lip curled, like I’d just pulled a dead fish out of my hair or something. “Oh! Well, okay, whatever….” With an insincere smile, she backed off and hastened away before any of my horrible political cooties could jump off onto her.

Now, when I say we laughed all the rest of the day, I don’t mean we were laughing at that lady (although I have to admit I hope she has volunteered to not be a part of the voting gene pool). See, we have an ongoing family joke that started when a much younger MrMike (far left) kept telling us he wanted to see the new upcoming movie “Manny Nascar” (Madagascar). We decided this movie was about the world’s most famous Jewish race car driver. (I’m pretty sure I would infinitely prefer this imaginary movie to the real one with the right name.)

Manny had a close friend and associate whose name came from a homework assignment about honorariums that MrMike tried to speed-fake his way through: Rabbi Martinez. We think he provides both spiritual guidance and advice on winning race tactics.

Now the guys have a new pal, good ol’ Helicopter Garcia. We think he’s probably the head of Manny’s elite pit crew.

I would still REALLY like to see this movie. Maybe after all the election stuff is done I could try my hand at a screenplay?