Eng Claims Tight Race with Coffman

According to a press release yesterday from Hank Eng’s campaign in CD-6:

***Hank Eng Pulls Neck-to-Neck in Historically Close Congressional Race***

For the first time in the history of CD-6, the race for Congress is neck-and-neck.  In a poll conducted by Zenmango Media Group, Congressional Candidate Hank Eng has pulled within 5 points of his opponent, current Secretary of State Mike Coffman.

Zenmango Media conducted research between October 25th and October 27th, 2008 via online surveys among 609 Colorado voters residing across the Sixth Congressional District…  

…Shockingly, Coffman is losing ground in Douglas County, historically one of the most Republican counties in the state.  The new poll results show that Hank Eng and Mike Coffman are in a dead-heat, each standing with 41% of the vote in Douglas County.    

Eng believes that his television ad campaign is working. “This is the first time that the Democratic candidate has been able to reach the airwaves and the new poll numbers show that I have been able to reach out to the constituents of CD-6 who clearly understand what is at stake this year.”…

…Other interesting figures from the poll include Hank ahead of Coffman amongst women and registered Independents, and Coffman with an incredible 64% negative rating.

First off, this is not the first time that a Democrat in CD-6 has been on TV. In 2004, Joanna Conti ran TV ads – albeit ridiculous ones – in an attempt to unseat Tom Tancredo.

We also have a hard time believing this poll, not the least because it was an online poll. If Eng was really as close as they claim, Coloradans certainly would have heard about it by now, and the DCCC would have dropped at least a small amount of money in the race.

We’re not saying it’s not going to happen for Hank…well, yes we are.

Press Release of the Week

We got this beauty below from the campaign of Democrat Hank Eng on Saturday. We were about to wonder why you would send a press release on a Saturday, but after reading the first line, perhaps it’s best that more people didn’t see it:

Hank Eng, the Democratic candidate for US. Congressional District 6, has named Allison Sharpe as his Campaign Manager to Hank Eng.

Uh, what? Is that first person, third person AND second person? Is there such a thing as fourth person? Or are there TWO people named Hank Eng who are involved here?

Full press release follows.


Hank Eng for Congress

Allison Sharpe – Campaign Manager




Allison Sharpe is named Campaign Manager to Democratic Congressional Nominee Hank Eng

Englewood, Colorado — June 14, 2008.

Hank Eng, the Democratic candidate for US. Congressional District 6, has named Allison Sharpe as his Campaign Manager to Hank Eng.

Sharpe states, “The Republicans have been very neglectful of this district over the last twenty-five years. The potential for economic growth here is tremendous.  With Eng’s knowledge as an aerospace engineer and international experience we will show what can be achieved when there is a dedicated Congressman on the side of each and every voter.”

Sharpe is a recent graduate of Colorado’s own Metropolitan State College, with degrees in Journalism and Political Science.  She is an experienced campaign manager, most recently working for Mike Collins who withdrew from the CD-6 congressional race due to health issues.

The 6th Congressional District is poised to be represented for the first time by a Democrat. Recent increases in newly-registered Democrats and large numbers of Independent voters point toward Colorado’s CD-6 as the next great victory for the Democratic Party.

Everybody Wants to Not Get Elected in CD-6

Earlier this month (or maybe it was late last month–we don’t remember, because it doesn’t really matter), Democrat Mike Collins withdrew from the race for congress in CD-6 to support fellow donkey Hank Eng.

But Eng apparently will not be alone in his quest for the Democratic nomination that will lead to a severe beating in November. Three other Democrats apparently plan to petition onto the ballot (or to attempt to petition on, anyway). They are:

  • Some dude named Steve Clark

  • Some dude named Ivan Botvin, who has this sweet bio to offer:

    He has a BA from Temple University.  He worked hard growing-up putting himself through school.  His father passed away in 1961.  He sold his business and moved to Denver in January, 1997.

    Sorry about your dad, dude, but what does that have to do with your qualifications for congress?

  • Some woman named Ronda Scholting, who is apparently the 7News Northern Bureau Reporter.

    With all of this interest in CD-6, you’d think Democrats actually had a chance of winning the seat in November. Apparently none of these folks bothered to look at the voter registration numbers in the district.