Rest in Peace, Arlen Specter.

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According to the AP, Arlen Specter’s son reports his father has passed away this morning from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, at the age of 82. The outspoken Pennsylvania Senator was known as a centrist Republican at a time when his party was swinging to the hard right, and in 2009, became a Democrat. He then lost the Democratic primary in 2010, ending a 30 year career in public service. Specter had previously survived a brain tumor and a cardiac arrest following surgery.

From the AP’s obituary:

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, the outspoken Pennsylvania centrist whose switch from Republican to Democrat ended a 30-year career in which he played a pivotal role in several Supreme Court nominations, died Sunday. He was 82…

   Specter rose to prominence in the 1960s as an aggressive Philadelphia prosecutor and as an assistant counsel to the Warren Commission, developing the single-bullet theory that posited just one bullet struck both President Kennedy and Texas Gov. John Connally – an assumption critical to the argument that presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The theory remains controversial and was the focus of Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie “JFK.”

   In 1987, Specter helped thwart the Supreme Court nomination of former federal appeals Judge Robert H. Bork – earning him conservative enemies who still bitterly refer to such rejections as being “borked.”

   But four years later, Specter was criticized by liberals for his tough questioning of Anita Hill at Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination hearings and for accusing her of committing “flat-out perjury.” The nationally televised interrogation incensed women’s groups and nearly cost him his seat in 1992.

Lamborn Campaign Banking Badmouth May Be Illegal

In every election cycle we all hear and read about paid advertisements that activists on both sides of aisle claim are illegal because they go too far in stretching the truth. Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is in the midst of a surprisingly-difficult Primary battle with Colorado Springs businessman Robert Blaha, and he may have violated a law in one of his ads that we haven’t heard of before.

As The Colorado Springs Independent:

on May 18, the law firm of Stinson Morrison Hecker sent a letter to Lamborn, on behalf of the bank, demanding that the congressman pull all ads that make claims about its client.

“We understand you have claimed that Integrity Bank ‘is currently rated below average by the widely cited,'” the letter reads. “This assertion about Integrity Bank & Trust is simply false.”…

…The letter continues by demanding that the false information be taken down from Lamborn’s website, as “its continuing appearance there poses a threat to the public’s sense of confidence in the bank.”

And just for some added incentive, the letter points to a Sec. 11-102-508 of Colorado Revised Statute, which makes it a class 2 misdemeanor to make false and damaging statements about a state bank (who knew?) [Pols emphasis].

The Independent kindly supplied the wording in the statute:

Any person who willfully makes, circulates, or transmits to another any false statement, written or oral, that is directly or by inference derogatory to the financial condition of any state bank and that results in an extraordinary withdrawal of funds from such bank or that results in impairing public confidence in such bank and any person who shall counsel, aid, procure, or induce another to start, transmit, or circulate any such statement knowing the statement to be false commits a class 2 misdemeanor and shall be punished as provided in section 18-1.3-501, C.R.S.

All you legal Polsters out there, what say you? Is there a real claim to be made here?

Doug Lamborn: Useless

UPDATE: But wait, there’s more!

It seems Lamborn has his own legislation in which he proposes to lease federal land for oil shale development in order to fund transportation projects. But as The Grand Junction Sentinel notes, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that Lamborn’s plan would not produce a single cent in the 5-year time period he proposes, in large part because nobody has any idea how to develop oil shale:

The Congressional Budget Office scoring shows leasing of oil shale would reduce the deficit by $5 million in 2016, but would generate no revenue until then [Pols emphasis]. It would cost $5 million in 2022, the edge of the time frame for the budget office.

To recap, Lamborn won’t support extending wind energy tax credits that have already been proven to create jobs and revenue, but he’s pushing his own energy-related legislation that won’t do a damn thing.

It’s hard work being this useless.


Kelcie Pegher, an intern in Washington DC writing for the Durango Herald, reports today:

Members of the Colorado congressional delegation are calling to extend the wind-energy production tax credit as part of the payroll tax extension.

Eight members of the delegation, including Democratic Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennett, as well as Democratic Reps. Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis signed a letter to the chairmen of the conference committee.

Also included are Republican Reps. Cory Gardner, Scott Tipton and Mike Coffman. Coffman joined the other members of the delegation late Tuesday in their letter. The wind-energy production tax credit gives wind-energy farms a 2.2 cents-per-kilowatt credit on their taxes each year for the first 10 years and will expire at the end of the year.

That’s both Colorado U.S. Senators, all three Democrats in the congressional delegation, and even three conservative Republicans. So who’s missing? Colorado Independent:

U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado, is the lone holdout in the state’s bipartisan push.

Lamborn clarified that he supports wind energy as part of an “all-of-the-above energy plan” but that he is in favor of removing regulatory barriers for the industry as opposed to encouraging its development via tax breaks.

“My preference is to help industry grow by reducing federal regulations and mandates as opposed to carving out special interests in the tax code,” Lamborn wrote in an email to the Colorado Independent on Tuesday.

The thing is, we strongly suspect that if you ask the three Republicans who did support the wind power tax credit, they would tell you their preference is also to “grow the industry” by slashing regulation like Lamborn says. Despite this, Reps. Cory Gardner, Scott Tipton, and even Mike Coffman (though after a bit of polling deliberation) signed on in support of extending the wind power tax credit. After all, the oil and gas industry still gets all of their tax credits. Republicans, especially in Colorado, have no rational basis with which to oppose wind energy tax credits–and many reasons to support them. As in, our economy:

Colorado generates the third highest percentage of power from wind of any state in the nation and is home to several major wind energy developers and wind turbine manufacturing facilities.

Estimates show that wind energy employs upwards of 6,000 workers statewide.

Once again, Rep. Doug Lamborn proves the lengths to which a safe seat can be abused, and occupied by a representative openly hostile to the interests of the state he represents. As you can see, this is now an argument that can be made on an objective, nonpartisan level.

J’accuse, Colorado Springs.

Two Colorado Districts Among Biggest Federal Beneficiaries

There was an interesting story from Bloomberg on government spending per district last Friday which included the fact that two Colorado Congressional districts — CD-5 and CD-6 — are among those that receive the most federal money of any district in the country. From Bloomberg:

Sixty House members backed by the Tea Party, whose opposition to federal spending helped bring on an impasse over raising the U.S. debt ceiling, represent districts that last year received $43 billion in government contracts.

In 16 of those constituencies, spending exceeded $1 billion each — more than twice the median amount for all House districts, Bloomberg Government reported today. …

The Colorado districts of Republicans Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn received about $3 billion each in fiscal 2010, the most among those held by Tea Party Caucus members. Both voted for the Boehner plan. [Pols emphasis]

Defense contractors Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and ITT Corp. (ITT) have operations in those districts, Coffman’s 6th and Lamborn’s 5th, where the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the U.S. Air Force Academy and Fort Carson Army Base are located.

Both Coffman and Lamborn represent districts that receive in excess of $3 billion in government contracts (the median amount for a Congressional district is about $500 million), yet they rail relentlessly on the need for the government to cut spending. Those contracts mean a lot of jobs, however, which puts Coffman and Lamborn in a difficult spot between rhetoric and reality.

It’s a similar dynamic that played out with the FASTER vehicle registration debate in the Colorado legislature. The money collected through FASTER funds road projects that go to private companies providing local jobs — that’s why so many Republicans were careful not to really oppose FASTER in 2009, because a lot of local contractors would have suffered.  

Lamborn Wants NREL Cut, Nevermind 5,500 Jobs

We didn’t get a chance to get to this on Friday, but it’s definitely worth mentioning still. As the Denver newspaper reported on Friday, Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is one of nine GOP House members who sent a letter on Thursday to the House Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development asking that all funding be cut from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden.

That’s right — not a reduction in funding, but a complete elimination of funding. The letter was written by California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock. Among other things, the letter says, “We should not follow the president’s poor planning in increasing the funding for these anti-energy boondoggles.”

Yes, that sounds like a fantastic idea. We’re not sure how a Renewable Energy Laboratory could be “anti-energy,” but let’s just consider the economic consequences alone: NREL creates some 5,500 jobs and contributes $714 million annually to Colorado’s economy. The best way to fix an ailing economy is to, uh, eliminate money…going…into the economy?

Brilliant work, Lamborn. Brilliant.


Doug Lamborn: Pay China First

(Explain this to Grandma. Or for that matter, your kids. Go ahead. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I feel rather sorry for Cory Gardner getting all the attention for sponsoring extreme bills.  So let me direct your attention to H.R. 421 – “To require that the Government prioritize all obligations on the debt held by the public in the event that the debt limit is reached.”

Doug Lamborn is one of only 15 co-sponsors of this bill.

Just what does the bill aim to do, though?  Isn’t all U.S. debt held “by the public”?

As it turns out, no.  There’s one very important bit of government debt that isn’t considered “held by the public” – the “IOUs” on the Social Security Trust Fund, valued in the trillions of dollars.  These are the funds Al Gore wanted put “in a lock box”, which maintain the security of millions of Americans in their old age.  (Actually, there is one other government-held bit of debt that gets lumped in here – veterans benefits have a fund apparently maintained in the same way.)

This bill, then, proposes to pay our externally held debt – a bit under half of which is owned by foreign governments – before paying the U.S. public which has invested its working-class tax dollars into Social Security Insurance.  The message: China, Japan, and other governments deserve our money more than U.S. citizens.

If anyone has any doubts about the pre-ordained vote to extend the SSI employee tax cut, it seems pretty obvious that at least Doug Lamborn and 15 of his closest House buddies, along with former Club For Growth President turned Senator Pat Toomey and his 18 Senate co-sponsors, are itching for an extension of the cuts, repayment of the fund highly optional.  They want Social Security DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

Thanks, Rep. Lamborn – but no thanks.  This is out of touch with what Americans want.

Lamborn Hates Earmarks (Except When He Doesn’t)

As The Colorado Independent reports, Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is claiming to have seen the light on earmarks:

Colorado Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn has come out strong this year against earmarks. He joined the Tea Party caucus dedicated to fighting government waste and he enthusiastically signed onto the GOP House pledge against earmarking, or the practice of tacking on projects to legislation in order to deliver tax money to favored constituencies and causes. Lamborn wrote an editorial for his hometown Colorado Springs Gazette against earmarks last Saturday, a feel good Thanksgiving treat for the Gazette’s conservative readers.

He left out the fact that he has been earmark crazy since he arrived in Washington in 2007.

According to records posted at Citizens for Government Waste’s “Pig Book” website, Lamborn has been a major dealer in pork. He voted for more than tens of millions in earmarks, mostly for defense projects, one of which has become infamous in anti-big government crowds as a particularly egregious waste of taxpayer money.[Pols emphasis]

Whether it’s happening locally or with Republican members of Congress, this “Tea Party” rhetoric is increasingly at odds with, well, reality when it comes to the actions of Republicans who espouse “Tea Party” beliefs. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: This isn’t going to turn out well for Republicans in 2012 and beyond as it becomes more and more obvious to the “Tea Party” supporters that Republicans aren’t actually paying attention to them.  

Who’s Backing Maes?

We’ve gotten a couple of emails on this subject, so we thought we’d put a list together and see if the Pols community could help us fill it out. Which top-ticket Republican candidates (all statewide and congressional seats) have endorsed GOP Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, and who has yet to offer their public support?


  • U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck

  • Rep. Doug Lamborn (CD-5)

  • Rep. Mike Coffman (CD-6)

  • Treasurer candidate Walker Stapleton

  • Attorney General John Suthers

  • Secretary of State candidate Scott Gessler

  • CD-4 candidate Cory Gardner

  • CD-7 candidate Ryan Frazier
  • Help us out, Polsters! Maes’ website doesn’t seem to have an updated list of endorsements, so if you’ve seen one of the candidates in the second list make an endorsement, let us know.

    Support Net Neutrality!

    Hopefully this is an issue that unites us all here at Colorado Pols, because without Net Neutrality, this might be a different place entirely.

    As Politico reports:

    The Federal Communications Commission Thursday suspended its weeks-long series of talks with Internet providers on Net neutrality, dealing a blow to efforts to produce a deal that the agency could take to Congress.

    The decision to cut off negotiations marks a major political setback for Chairman Julius Genachowski, whose office reached out to stakeholders six weeks ago to strike an agreement and avoid a public battle over rules that would treat all users’ Web traffic equally.

    But the end to industry discussions – which a source close to the FCC talks blamed entirely on news that Google and Verizon separately sought some form of net neutrality agreement – could now force the FCC to take a more aggressive approach to solidifying its broadband authority.

    FCC chief of staff Edward Lazarus stressed in a briefly worded statement that the agency has no plans to back down on Net neutrality, months after a federal court in a case involving Comcast essentially nullified much of the agency’s broadband authority…

    …”Any outcome, any deal that doesn’t preserve the freedom and openness of the Internet for consumers and entrepreneurs, will be unacceptable,” he said.

    Colorado’s congressional delegation has taken different positions on Net Neutrality. Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn has opposed it, while Democratic Rep. Jared Polis has been a supporter. Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter signed onto an odd letter last fall that sort-of questioned Net Neutrality. Both Colorado Senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, are supporters of Net Neutrality.

    Doug Lamborn Says Coup Leader Not a Coup Leader

    (Much chatter on the national blogs about Sen. Jim DeMint’s rogue efforts to undermine U.S. foreign policy in Central and South America, but not so much about our local band of neocons (or what’s left of them). – promoted by ThillyWabbit)

    It’s interesting to see the spin that Republicans are putting on the coup in Honduras, these day. Here’s the Associated Press unambiguously stating that a coup took place, and Rep. Doug Lamborn denying it after visiting the coup leader himself in Honduras:…

    Rep. Doug Lamborn (far left) and Honduras’ interim President/coup leader Roberto Micheletti (far right)

    A Colorado Republican is defending his visit to a Honduran leader deemed illegitimate by the White House.

    Rep. Doug Lamborn joined three other Republicans on Friday to meet interim President Roberto Micheletti in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital. The Obama administration has condemned the coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya and brought Micheletti to power.

    Lamborn insisted that Zelaya was legally removed from the presidency because he broke the law by seeking a second term in office.

    “It was not a coup,” Lamborn told The Associated Press by telephone…

    But how does that statement jibe with Micheletti’s actions since assuming leadership? Was Democracy “restored” by Zelaya being unceremoniously booted from the country? Not exactly. Honduras has gone from Zelaya illegally trying to hold an election on a non-binding resolution to Micheletti actually suspending civil liberties — quite a trade-off, all in all, for Democracy in the Americas:…

    The de facto president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, appeared to have bowed to pressure at home and from abroad on Monday, saying that he would lift his order suspending civil liberties.

    Since then, he has been in no hurry to keep his promise.

    Mr. Micheletti spent the week consulting with the Supreme Court and other parts of the government about the decree, which his government announced on Sunday night. But while he has been discussing lifting the order, his security forces have been busy enforcing it.

    Back to the first article:

    Lamborn said people he met in Honduras don’t think Zelaya was wrongly ousted.

    I’m sure that’s true. But, obviously, Lamborn didn’t talk to any of these folks while he was in Honduras, who protested against the coup about a week ago:

    Several thousand Zelaya supporters took to the streets again Saturday, in a march on foot and in scores of cars, waving red flags [characteristic of the traditional, centre-right Liberal Party to which Zelaya belongs], honking horns and calling for him to return to office.…

    As far as fact-finding trips go, Doug Lamborn claiming to have discovered democracy-at-work in a country in the midst of a coup d’état is akin to Bob Schaffer not finding any signs of abused workers at sweat shops in the Northern Mariana Islands.


    ( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

    A new group is set to launch in the House of Representatives, made up of conservatives set on defending American power and interests against encroachment from international institutions: The Congressional Sovereignty Caucus.

    Their kickoff meeting will be this coming Wednesday, featuring co-founders Reps. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), plus Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) — and special guests Oliver North, Frank Gaffney and Doug Feith.

    Rep. Lamborn declined to comment, but his office did point us to an opinion column he wrote last week:  

    “Sovereignty is vital for America because we are an exceptional nation,” wrote Lamborn, “one uniquely blessed with a vibrant Judeo-Christian heritage, as demonstrated both through its founding documents and by the witness of history. For any nation, and I believe especially for America, to give up any degree of control of its destiny to transnational bodies is irresponsible and wrong.”

    Combine this with Newt’s proclamations last week that he’s “not a citizen of the world,” and it seems that the Right’s right back where it belongs in a bad economy, head in the sand with its “America First” rhetoric.  Quite a contrast to all the talk about promoting open markets, free trade, NAFTA, and “the common calling of freedom-loving

    people across the globe” we heard from the Bush Administration!  

    Perhaps Lamborn and his ‘league’ think we can’t afford our global engagements any longer, but the issue is that we need global engagement now, more than ever.

    Colorado businesses relied on various international regimes and agreements to establish relationships with 197 foreign markets, bringing in 7.4 BUSD in 2007 (all figures are from USGLC).  Colorado Private Voluntary Organizations likewise gained roughly 10 MUSD from funds pledged to the International Affairs Budget that same year, a budget Lamborn voted AGAINST renewing last week.  Too costly?

    Now add in the tax hikes that would have to follow if we were in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Drugs alone (sacrificing a little bit of our destiny pays 8:1 on the DoD dollar), or how much larger our intelligence community’s already bloated black budget would have to be if we didn’t share intelligence with partners around the globe (would love to provide figures, but don’t want to be accused of treason!).  

    The conclusion SHOULD be clear:  isolationism “is irresponsible and wrong.”  Have the Republicans also forgotten the Munich Analogy now that Bush is out of office?

    Lamborn: Habeas corpus “simply unnecessary” for Gitmo Detainees

    ( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

    Update by DavidThi808 (ThillyRabbit – feel free to change): This article describes the type of people held at Gitmo. By and large, not major terrorists. Some were allies before we locked them up.


    A day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Guantanamo Bay prisoners can ask a federal judge to rule on their detention, Rep. Doug Lamborn toured the military base. He left after a six-hour visit with what he saw as confirmation that the nation’s top court was wrong.

    “They are treated better from a medical standpoint, from a dietary standpoint, from a recreational standpoint, than people are at SuperMax,” Lamborn said, referring to the federal prison in Florence. “They get better medical care than most Americans, including members of Congress.

    I trust that next, Lamborn will stage another episode of Naked Chef with Duncan Hunter.

    “Especially considering these are not U.S. citizens, they are not on U.S. soil, their rights are being met currently,” Lamborn said.

    Actually, that’s the opposite of the truth. The Supreme Court said so.

    Would some of the folks from the pro-torture, anti-liberty crowd care to explain the apparent lack of Constitutional knowledge on Lamborn’s part?

    Habeas corpus is:

    View Results

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    Lamborn and Rayburn Petition Onto Ballot

    As The Colorado Springs Gazette:

    Two Republican 5th Congressional District candidates petitioning onto the primary ballot have completed their efforts.

    Rep. Doug Lamborn turned in nearly 3,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office last week.

    Today, Bentley Rayburn will submit more than 2,600 signatures.

    To be placed on the ballot, candidates must submit 1,000 signatures of registered voters in the six-county district.

    Rayburn spokesman Mike Hesse said notable signers include Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera, Buena Vista Mayor Cara Russell, Attorney General John Suthers, former State Sen. Ron May and former State Reps. Barbara Phillips and Bill Sinclair.

    A third candidate, Jeff Crank, will attend the district assembly Friday, where he is expected to garner a majority of delegates to gain top line on the ballot.

    We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: It is truly amazing that a sitting congressman from anywhere in Colorado would have to petition onto the ballot for re-election.

    5th Congressional District Forum

    Last night, the Colorado Springs Women’s Republican Club sponsored a candidate forum for 5th Congressional District Candidates.  General Bentley Rayburn and Jeff Crank attended.

    Much like my recent post about the county assembly, I would like to offer some general information followed by what I view as the winners and losers of the debate/forum.

    The forum was held in a smaller sized room in the basement of the Colorado Springs City Hall building.  The Women’s Republican club ran their meeting efficiently and got to the forum rather quickly.  There was a fair amount of people there; club members, people visiting as prospects to join, and some supporters of General Rayburn.  We had time for about half a dozen questions, with Gen. Rayburn and Mr. Crank taking turns answering the questions.

    After about an hour, another group arrived to use the room and the debate ended rather abruptly without Gen. Rayburn not being able to answer one of the questions.  But when a police officer says “you have one minute to vacate the room”, everyone tends to listen….

    On to the winners and losers!


    Jeff Crank:  Answers were concise and knowledgeable.  Mr. Crank is a good speaker, and the crowd seemed relatively friendly.  Mr. Crank didn’t score any knockout punches, but he really didn’t need to.  He re-enforced his conservative credentials to the crowd, which was probably the most important goal of the night.

    General Bentley Rayburn:  This was my first time seeing Gen. Rayburn speak in person, and I have to say he did a good job.  His answers weren’t as detailed as Mr. Crank’s, but he gave my favorite line of the night.  While talking about alternative energy, Gen. Rayburn said “We need to let the private sector develop the technology.  When we leave it to the government, we get corn fuel.”  Overall Gen. Rayburn was able to interject some humor into his answers, which is no easy task to accomplish when talking about dry subjects.  He did a good job.

    Colorado Springs Women’s Republican Club:  Good turn out, candidate’s attention; a structured forum that went off without too much of a hitch equals some good bragging rights.  

    Strict time limits: We were in and out in about an hour and a half.  Granted, a large part of that had to do with the cop telling everyone to “get out” depriving Gen. Rayburn of an opportunity to answer the last question, but even he didn’t seem to mind too much.  Debates are nice, but being able to do something afterwards is really nice!


    Doug Lamborn:  Generally speaking, an incumbent that refuses to debate challengers isn’t something to take note of.  But Congressman Lamborn doesn’t have the luxury of taking the typical incumbent track to re-election.  One thing that last night reinforced is that both Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayburn are credible challengers, so avoiding them is coming across as weakness on the part of Congressman Lamborn.  Aside from that, both Gen. Rayburn and Mr. Crank took multiple shots at Congressman Lamborn last night, and no one was there to answer on his behalf.  Ouch.

    Follow Up Questions:  There were a couple times last night when it would have been nice to ask a clarifying question regarding some answers.  But the structure of the forum nor the moderator had much wiggle room for that kind of flexibility.  Maybe next time.

    The Departments of Education and Commerce and the IRS: When asked which programs they would eliminate and why, both lists were pretty much the same: the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, and the IRS.  Whether you like these departments or not, they certainly got no love from that crowd last night.

    Lamborn Raises $66k; Crank $42k

    Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn reported raising $66,160 in Q4, leaving him with $144,698 cash on hand.

    His top opponent, Jeff Crank, raised $42,078 in Q4, and he now sits on $94,568.

    Lamborn has picked up his fundraising after inexplicably doing virtually nothing for the first two quarters of 2007. If Lamborn hadn’t been asleep at the wheel in early 2007, he might have had a substantial money lead at this point; as it is, a $50,000 cash on hand advantage is miniscule for an incumbent.

    Lamborn Campaign Fires Back…to Something

    We just received a press release from the campaign office of Rep. Doug Lamborn. Here it is:


    “This is a baseless story and simply a non-issue.  It is against the Colorado Republican Party bylaws for the Party to endorse any candidate in a contested primary.  It clearly states in Article 3, Section C of the party bylaws that ‘no candidate for any designation or nomination for public office shall be endorsed, supported, or opposed by the CRC (acting as an entity) or by its officers or committees, before the Primary, unless such candidate is unopposed in the primary.'”

    “Congressman Lamborn has not solicited the endorsement because there is no endorsement to receive.  I am baffled that anyone would try to claim anything about this given the clear-cut rules.  The point that needs to be made clear is that Congressman Lamborn is dedicated to advancing the interest of Colorado’s Fifth District and people appreciate his record of standing up for our men and women in the military and our conservative values.  In Congress, more than 99 percent of his votes have been in opposition to the left-wing Pelosi agenda.  These are the values of the Fifth District and the values he is committed to advancing.  That is what the public needs to focus on in the race.  Congressman Lamborn’s selection as the first Republican freshman to serve on Armed Services in this Congress further enhances Congressman Lamborn’s effectiveness.  ” – El Paso County Commissioner Wayne Williams and former Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee Bylaws Committee.

    That’s the release. All of it. We assume this is in reference to this story, but who the hell knows?

    Crank Raises $77,000 in Q3

    According to a press release from Jeff Crank’s campaign, the Republican brought in $77,000 in the third quarter of the year. While that amount is far less than candidates are raising in CD-2 each quarter, it is more than double the amount that incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn had raised in the first two quarters of 2007 combined.

    The full press release from Crank’s campaign follows.

    Jeff Crank, Republican candidate for Congress in Colorado CD5 announced today that his campaign will report it has raised over $77,000 in the third quarter ending September 30. 

    Jeff Crank entered the race for Congress on August 8, ½ way through the 3rd quarter fundraising period.  It is unprecedented in Colorado CD5 Republican Primary elections for a challenger candidate to raise over $77,000 in seven weeks.

    “The outpouring of support is gratifying and motivating,” said Jeff Crank. “We are humbled by the many new people who have joined our team and we are particularly proud to see many familiar names on our supporter rolls.  There are so many in our community and in the 5th CD that have joined this grassroots effort.  I am so proud that so much of this money was raised from within Colorado.  With this great amount of support we have laid a firm foundation for our successful positive campaign.  We can’t help but be motivated to win”

    The $77,000 came from 115 individual contributors.  90.5% of the contributors live in Colorado and 75% of the contributors live in the 5 th Congressional District.  Only 10 of the contributors live outside Colorado.

    Jeff Crank would like to thank the volunteers who helped raise this money in a short period of time with a special thank you to members of the campaign’s finance committee:  Steve Schuck, Terry Harris, Gary Bohall, Gary Loo, Bill Miller, Joe Reich, Bruce Shepard, Kevan Worley, and Larry Yonker.  The volunteers helped to keep our expenses to a minimum.

    Jeff Crank, 40, has been married for 16 years to Lisa Crank. Jeff and Lisa have two children: Joel and Jessica. Jeff was born in Pueblo, Colorado, and has lived in Colorado all of his life until 1990, when he moved to the Washington, D.C. area before returning in 1998.  See Jeff’s bio below for more information about Jeff.

    McElhany Rips Rayburn

    As the Rocky Mountain News reports, Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany, a supporter of Jeff Crank in CD-5, is none too pleased that Bentley Rayburn has again entered the race in 2008:

    “If Bentley Rayburn gets in, it certainly represents the triumph of arrogance over reason,” McElhany said Wednesday.

    “The guy has absolutely no chance of winning. None. Zero. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

    “Even if Crank should get hit by a bus and Bentley could get Lamborn one on one, Bentley still can’t win.”

    Lamborn Comes Unglued

    You have reached the mind of Rep. Doug Lamborn. I’m not here right now, and I may not be coming back. Leave a message at the beep. Thanks.

    Yesterday we linked to a story on State 38 about a he said/she said argument involving a campaign contribution from a gaming company. Today The Colorado Statesman  published a story about Lamborn threatening the Republican couple that started the whole mess, and, well, break out the crazy juice:

    When it comes to counting your “brothers and sisters in Christ,” Anna and Jonathan Bartha may consider eliminating Congressman Doug Lamborn from their “ecclesiastical family tree” after his threatening phone calls last weekend.

    Simply exercising their First Amendment rights, the Colorado Springs couple wrote a letter of concern about Lamborn’s vote against a bill to strengthen penalties for dog fighting as well as two contributions he’d received from gambling interests.

    Their concerns were based on public records – and in part on Lamborn’s public statements last year. What they didn’t anticipate were two phone messages personally from the 5th District Congressman demanding retractions or else!

    “Something serious has happened,” said Lamborn in a high pitched staccato voice. His phone message referenced the couple’s letter published by The Woodmen Edition, a community newspaper in northern Colorado Springs. He said the letter contained “blatantly false” statements that had to be corrected immediately. “I’d like to get together with you as brothers and sisters in Christ,” said Lamborn, adding that if they don’t meet and settle the issue on his terms there would be “serious consequences.”

    Would those consequences involve a lawsuit, being ousted from the party, or worse, a mediation visit from Lucifer?

    “It’s 2:40 p.m. Saturday,” said Lamborn. A few minutes later he called the Barthas again to underscore the urgency of resolving this matter before he returned to Washington. He was doing them a big favor by calling and working with them before taking drastic action – and noted they had not conferred with him before sending their letter to the newspaper.

    “It’s critical that you get back to me as soon as possible!” Lamborn said he would “rather resolve this on a scriptural level” than be forced to take other serious measures.

    “Call me by tonight,” Lamborn instructed before leaving his phone number on their answering machine. Twice.



    It’s a good thing that Lamborn is making threats now, because at this rate it would be a virtual miracle if he were re-elected in 2008. We could be seeing a political collapse here of unprecedented swiftness.

    Rep. Doug Lamborn (R.-Maroon)

    As State 38 writes, Rep. Doug Lamborn just keeps shooting himself in the foot. He was accused of taking money from a gaming company and fired back at his accusers for making false accusations.

    The problem? Lamborn did take the contribution but failed to report it.

    Crank-Lamborn Battle Underway Already

    As Colorado Confidential reports:

    It only took 10 days.

    That’s the time between Republican leader Greg Garcia’s warning that dishonesty and mud-slinging will not be tolerated in the 5th Congressional District, and a political gadfly named Dave Crater popping off a nasty salvo at candidate Jeff Crank.

    On Friday, Crater posted an opinion piece in which he accused Crank of just wanting to be part of the status “In-Crowd” – and accused his supporters of lacking an understanding of conservative politics and being little more than liberals in drag. Crater also went further – much further – asserting that Crank, who recently announced his intent to challenge freshman Rep. Doug Lamborn, is a liar who really does support homosexuals and taxes.

    The piece, titled “Crank-Lamborn rematch bodes ill,” was posted at the website of former state Senate President John Andrews on Friday afternoon.

    (Andrews, by the way, also recently bemoaned the prospect of a primary – which he termed “Diaper War IV” – in the 5th CD.