Kudos to Dan Thurlow

Kudos to Dan Thurlow. This evening he hosted a Town Hall to discuss three things, TABOR, the Gallagher Amendment, and Severance taxes. He brought in a “think tank” (his words, not theirs) that specializes in analyzing and thinking about tax and fee data in the context of policies in Colorado. The presentation was excellent. Considering myself a policy wonk, even I learned a few things about Gallagher that I hadn’t previously known. I thought that one important point about severance taxes was ignored (surrounding states get way more revenue from the removal of minerals,) but nothing was sugar-coated or meant to convince people that TABOR, Gallagher, and Severance taxes are untouchable. Each policy has its unique sets of unintended consequences, and all need attention. The fact that a Republican is open to finding fixes, and is willing to stand up in a room filled with more Democrats than Republicans is pretty unique in politicians of either party these days. Thank you, Dan.

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