Marijuana on the Menu: Alleged Money Laundering & Political Contributions

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The bizarre tale of Dan Tang, a Chinese restaurant owner who has been accused of laundering money for a large-scale marijuana-growing ring (24,000 plants netted in a slew of raids) involving his brothers, has been making quite a bit of news lately. Tang allegedly profited from the sales of sticky green, indoor-grown bud. He also made generous financial contributions to politicians on both sides of the aisle, before and during his alleged criminal involvement.

The following Denver Post article quotes both Dick Wadhams and Pat Waak concerning Tang’s bipartisan generosity (as well as noting that President George W. Bush dined on Tang’s Peking duck):…

Udall is concerned about the “troubling allegations” Tang faces, said Udall’s spokeswoman, Tara Trujillo. Tang contributed a total of $4,000 to Udall in 2004 and 2006, records show…

Tang also contributed a total of $6,600 to Udall’s opponent, Bob Schaffer, in 2004 and 2007. Former Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar received $1,000 from Tang in 2004.

Tang also gave $6,000 total to Republican Bob Beauprez’s congressional campaigns in 2003 and 2005. Allard received $2,000 from Tang in 2002.

Here’s one of the odd facts that has surfaced:…

Restaurateur Dan Tang withdrew $400,000 in cash from a safe-deposit box and asked the former mayor of Thornton to hold it for him as agents investigating a marijuana-cultivation ring began closing in on the operation, according to Adams County court records.

The following article in Westword comes recommended. For one thing, will we ever find out who in law enforcement circles tipped Tang off about the coming raids? And what about those troubling political connections that Tang has engendered?…

That snitch wasn’t the [drug bust] operation’s only problem: Several local politicians, prosecutors associated with the case and at least one North Metro officer have relationships with Tang – or his money

Question: What’s the takeaway — rather than take-out — of the details described above?

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    Police had set up a sting operation for 6 months collecting evidence on every significant drug dealer in Boulder. Then the day before they were set to arrest everyone the Chief of Police (previous one) told a group of the movers & shakers up here about the upcoming bust.

    Every dealer disappeared.

  2. parsingreality says:

    Strange how donations from the merchants of death, alcohol, and tobacco are fine, but a harmless drug is not.  He wouldn’t be laundering it (medium starch?)if it wasn’t illegal.

    When will this country ever figure all this out?

  3. Half Glass Full says:

    Well-written, entertaining, informative. Great use of a “grabber” to get you to go to the REST of the story.

    Will look forward to reading more contributions by you, Canines!

    And to hearing more about this bizarre story. It sounds like it might be the tip of a rather sordid iceberg. (I gotta come up with a better metaphor: “sordid iceberg”?)

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