Tancredo calls Obama a “cult leader” — talk about projection!

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In Tom Trancredo’s world, everything is viewed through the prism of illegal immigration. He certainly has his share of strident supporters, but nothing approaching the critical mass necessary to keep him on the national stage. He clearly doesn’t have a clue why Obama got elected–the best he can do is to atribute Obama’s success to a cult like following.

As reported on the Foxnation website yesterday:

President Obama is a “cult leader” whose presidency transcends politics, former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) claimed.

“He is – you have to admit – he is a cult leader. And the cult will go with him wherever he wants to go,” Tancredo said on the conservative newsradio program “Dateline: Washington.”

Tancredo made the remarks in respect to the way Obama has characterized his immigration priorities, which Tancredo alleges is a cover for a broader “amnesty” program.

“You just don’t know about the size of the cult; how big it is – if it’s shrinking or growing,” Tancredo, a rumored gubernatorial candidate in Colorado, continued. “He is not just a political figure; he is truly a cult leader.”

Tancredo said he’s hopeful Americans will “see through” Obama’s rhetoric on immigration.

The part about being a “rumored gubernatorial candidate” is particularly scary only because this interview shows how intellectually shallow Tancredo is. Personally, I can do without the speculation whether Obama’s is “shinking or growing.”

Tancredo has enjoyed a measure of cult-like status himself–is he simply jealous that it wasn’t enough to carry him to the White House?


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  1. Half Glass Full says:

    shows how irrelevant Tom Tancredo has become.

    Good riddance. Tancredo is such a putz.

  2. Michael Dorsett MD says:

    Judging from the mindless people who post on this blog – Cult Leader is a good description.  

    Perhaps there were no posts because Tancredo nailed it!

    • ClubTwitty says:

      If a ‘cult leader’ has 70% support, what do you call the dwindling <25% who follow the likes of Limbaugh?  Manipulated & Deluded?  Majorly Deranged?

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