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What we need to talk about is Medicare for all. Get the for-profit insurance companies out of the middle. We are the only western nation that doesn’t have some version of single-payer–and the other nations pay less than we do for health care. Their life expectancy is increasing, while ours is decreasing.

When people have insurance that they can’t access because the deductibles are too high, it IS the same as having no access to health care. I’ve heard lots of Republicans making that point, and then saying that competition across state lines is the answer.

I say be careful what you wish for. Look at what happened to banking–an industry that I’m very familiar with. They wanted across state lines competition. What we got was fewer banks, as the large ones built their national empire by gobbling up smaller banks. Trust me, across state line competition for insurance companies will have the same result–less competition, not more, and fewer companies offering health insurance.

We the people, are between a rock and a hard place because the two parties are busy playing politics instead of looking at real solutions to help ordinary Americans.

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Retired banker, community and economic developer. Born in Deadwood, but raised in Colorado.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    That's a novel perspective on the "selling across state lines" talking point, Konola.

  2. Davie says:

    Yep, the big banks control the market place. This is what my Chase savings account pays: Annual Percentage Yield Earned This Period 0.01% 

    Bank of the West used to pay 0.1% on savings accounts, but I just checked and they have lowered their rate to match Chase in a race to the bottom 🙁

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Savings accounts aren't really doing much anywhere. My Credit Union has you go through a couple of pages before "showing off" their rate on a savings account:

    Insured: $0 – $2,499         dividend rate: 0.00%

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