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March 25, 2017 07:24 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I’d call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse.”

–Woody Allen


69 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. Congratultions to you and the millions of other activists who refused to go gently into that fascist night, m.j.  I dub thee Lady Lionheart.

      1. Thanks, V. You also continue to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. We jousters and jesters  need principled skeptics and critics to test our lances. Your virtual  cape is in the mail.

    2. It's gonna be GLORIOUS I tell you.  GLORIOUS!!! (Just as soon as I orchestrate the implosion of the black guy's plan and we let a few thousand poor people die). The GreatUniter will have the last word!!! 

      1. Mr. Trump has yet to realize that he and the Republican Party he holds hostage (or vice versa) own health care. With various Resistance announcements and campaigns, ALL changes in Congress and any Executive action after January 20 are on Republicans. Congress refusing to appropriate money, Executive actions changing the mandates or granting exemptions, it is ALL on the Republican's shoulders.

  1. News from Yahoo! this AM. An Oklahoma legislator states that rape and incest are the will of God, during discussion on an anti-abortion bill regarding genetic disorders. 

      1. True story. Shortey proposed a fetus- protection bill in 2012. It would have prohibited the use of fetii in food. Just to prevent all those fast-food fetus fries, doncha know.

        It was shot down- just as he also advocated for shooting down drones. He was known for proposing "odd bills", according to the Tulsa World.

        Shortey undoubtedly would have voted for the "God protects child molesters and rapists" bill. He was rated 100% by Oklahomans for Life".But, alas, he was caught in a motel with a live boy, and cannabis, soliciting sex, and so the OK lawmakers must do without the Shortey vote. He can still vote, BTW.

        Shortey's name, since his resignation, has been scrubbed from the OK State Senate website. It's as if he had never been a Senator in Oklahoma at all. However, Votesmart still has the info. Yay Votesmart.

        Shortey's two main political mentors were also criminals; Randy Terrill was charged with bribery, and his boss, Dan Kirby, was charged with sexual harassment.

        Oklahoma legislature has scrambled to erase Shortey from its political memory, but they own him, and all others like him.

        1. The sad part is that when he finally realizes that he is persona non grata or when they vote to remove him, I'm guessing his replacement will be another nut case.

  2. Thoughtful insights from the Cassandra of the Right, David Frum.  We can only hope his view eventually gains a foothold in the conservative world:

    Conservatives have a crucial role to play in shaping the future American health-care system to enhance and support enterprise, innovation, individual responsibility—to resist open-ended spending, state planning, and the risk that social insurance will penalize effort and success. It’s past time to accept reality, quit promising the impossible, and do the work that a democracy that seeks both equity and efficiency should expect from its more conservative-minded thinkers and politicians.

    Whatever else the 2016 election has done, it has emancipated Republicans from one of their own worst self-inflicted blind spots. Health care may not be a human right, but the lack of universal health coverage in a wealthy democracy is a severe, unjustifiable, and unnecessary human wrong. As Americans lift this worry from their fellow citizens, they’ll discover that they have addressed some other important problems too. They’ll find that they have removed one of the most important barriers to entrepreneurship, because people with bright ideas will fear less to quit the jobs through which they get their health care. They’ll find they have improved the troubled lives of the white working class succumbing at earlier ages from preventable deaths of despair. They’ll find that they have equalized the life chances of Americans of different races. They’ll find that they have discouraged workplace discrimination against women, older Americans, the disabled, and other employees with higher expected health-care costs. They’ll find that their people become less alienated from a country that has overcome at last one of the least attractive manifestations of American exceptionalism—and joined the rest of the civilized world in ameliorating and alleviating our common human vulnerability to illness and pain.

    I take no pride or pleasure in saying “I told you so.” We’ve all been wrong about enough things to teach us humility about our rare bursts of foresight. What I would urge is that those conservatives and Republicans who were wrong about the evolution of this debate please consider why they were wrong: Consider the destructive effect of ideological conformity, of ignorance of the experience of comparable countries, and of a conservative political culture that incentivizes intransigence, radicalism, and anger over prudence, moderation, and compassion.

  3. Who gets deals to testify? Manafort? Flynn? Hell yeah. Manafort has earned $100M and wants to keep it. Flynn wants his pension and stars.

  4. More recommended reading for the weekend:

    Why Obamacare Defeated Trumpcare

    And [Democrats] accomplished it against the ruthless opposition of a united party that has used every demagogic method to undermine it — in Washington, in the states, and in the courts. If Republicans had not launched a legal battle to allow states to deny Medicaid coverage to their citizens, and then cruelly taken up the opportunity to do so; sabotaged small but crucial risk-corridor payments to encourage insurer participation; and denied funds for outreach to exchange customers, it would be functioning better than it is. Still, it is functioning. As the Congressional Budget Office found last week, the exchanges are not in a death spiral. Insurers have found a stable price point.

    Republicans have spent eight years fooling themselves about Obamacare. They have built a news bubble that relentlessly circulates exaggerated or made-up news of the law’s shortcomings and systematically ignores its successes. The smartest members of the conservative-wonk set played a more clever game to retain their influence. No serious conservative analyst could argue that Obamacare had actually made the health-care system worse. How could they, when the federal government is now spending less money on health care than it was projected to spend before Obamacare passed, medical inflation is at the lowest level since the government began recording it 50 years ago, and 20 million more Americans have insurance? But admitting Obamacare constituted an improvement in the health-care system, even an imperfect one, would be tantamount to expulsion from the conservative movement, and with it any hope of influencing Republican policy. The closest they might come is pleading that repealing Obamacare was “not enough,” that they must also replace it with something better. This formulation allowed them to neatly sidestep the question of whether repeal alone would make the system better or worse.

  5. Plan B has been in place from day 1.

    “Again, the ACA, as it stands, is mostly working pretty well for most enrollees in most parts of the country…but there are real problems which need to be addressed.

    Trump is stating, point blank, that he has absolutely zero plans on resolving any of those issues.

    He’s also instructed Tom Price and the HHS Dept. to not only not do anything to resolve them, but to go out of his way to do everything he can to hurt them.”

  6. As I listened to the Twittering Toddler try to blame the Democrats for the failure of the AHCA, he then ripped into Obamacare, stating that it would implode and then explode. He obviously fails to understand that these are fundamentally opposite. His lack of clearly defined objectives underlies the failure of Trumpcare.

    Implode: to fail suddenly and completely and be unable to operate. I believe he hopes this will occur, although sudden failure is very unlikely

    Explode: to increase very quickly. Does he really believe that Obamacare will increase enrollment and coverage?


  7. Let's keep part of the Weekend Open Thread uplifting with the one thing we can all agree on: our love for our canine companions.  I'll start – the youngest member of our tribe with his companion, Quinn, who never leaves his side.

      1. Grady Jack is in good hands with Quinn! When I was Grady's age my Dad was in the Army stationed in Texas and my protecorate was a German Sheperd named Prince.  He, too, never left my side. 

        1. She has some lab in her – and some brindle pit, enough that she couldn't stay in Denver with its BSL law. Really fast runner. In her new home, she gets to run every day in the Boulder foothills.

      1. Pear – you can take your victim hat off if you just fix the link yourself.  That question mark doesn't indicate you've been censored – you've used a bad link in the dialogue box. 

              1. Leave it to our beloved Pear to drop a steaming pile of dung on a thread meant to give him the chance to normalize himself. 

                BTW Pear, you haven't answered my earlier question: do you enjoy the benefits of TriCare? 

                  1. In the immortal words of KornJolio (he’s been AWOL for a day now), "Let me help you, Pear".  I'm going to use the exact link (all you have to do is right click on your question mark) you've pasted into your original post (it will be right below this text) to post the picture you claim is censored.  I promise you, it will give me the exact same censure question mark.  

                    You're not being censored, your being an ignoramus.

                    (I think you've answered my question on where you get your healthcare.  Thx.)


                  2. Our fruit is feeling bruised.

                    Your picture didn't post because you "did it wrong," not because our Sorosian overlords banished it.

                    FFS, they didn't take down Andy Carnahan's screen cap of ISIS decapitating a guy.  Your pup doesn't move the needle.

                    You tried to paste a picture from Safari, I'm betting.  It didn't work, but it did leave a link to a fake URL in the post.  It's the one I posted above.  Try uploading the image to and using the direct URL to post it here using the image tool (the mountains and sun icon).  Who knows, maybe the Pols jihad against puppy pics will sweep up your submission again.

                    To paraphrase, "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by your own stupidity."


                    1. Here is a picture of your "censorship" post I pasted into Safari:

                      Here is the picture of me creating this post:

                      Here is a picture of the source view of my post (note Safari's "fake" address):

                      Here is a picture I took from your computer's webcam:

                  3. I'll bet it was Duke that did it, Pear.  He's behind everything bad that happens to you.  Better go light and candle and say some prayers in front of the shrine of Cox you have in the back of the closet in the guest bedroom.    

  8. A Sunday morning question for Trump voters….

    Are you happy now, bitch?

    No repeal of ACA..

    Hillary not in jail…

    Wall not happening…

    White House controlled by Russians…

    Thanks, Donald.

    1. Tiny:

      I am happy.

      Jobs are up.

      Illegal immigration is down.

      A conservative will soon join the Supreme Court.

      There have been no Clinton sightings with interns in years.

      Things are good.

      We may not win all our battles, but as long as we control all three branches we will not lose any.

      Are the Dems going to become a national party any time soon?

      Just askin'.

      1. Jobs are up.

        Illegal immigration is down.

        A conservative will soon join the Supreme Court.

        There have been no Clinton sightings with interns in years

        So, basically, you're happy that you have 3/4 of what you had under Obama. 

        Who knew you were such a Liberal? 



      2. I was reading this :


        We may not win all our battles, but as long as we control all three branches we will not lose any. 


        and I couldn't help but think……Hail, Victory!

        1. A little trip down memory lane.  Oh, Smellyanne, how do I love thee?  We've established what you are; let's just haggle over the price, shall we? 

  9. Bannon wants Paul Ryan gone by spring (crunch)

    Popcorn just isn't Sunday brunch material. But Bannonaman apparently has Teh Madz for Paul Ryan, since the AHCA failed so spectacularly.

    Ryan didn't properly whip the House GOPs into voting for Trump's steaming pile of AHCA dung, so someone must pay. Bannonaman wants Ryan "gone by Spring", along with all other Republicans on his "shit list", according to ursulafaw at Kos, citing a Daily Beast article by Asawin Suebsaeng.

    Coffee and eggs on toast must stand in for popcorn this Sunday morning.Bannonaman is "burning his boats". I hope he goes down with them.

    1. I would like to nominate the pride of the Centennial State, Douglas Lamborn to be the next Speaker of the U.S. House when D.J. Paul Ryan is shown the door and sent into retirement along with John Boner.

        1. Here I have to agree with Andrew. DeGette has some accomplishments while in office. I'm hard pressed to name anything of note Lamborn has done. Maybe that's why he seems to get a primary opponent every election.

          1. It turns out Democrats have ten "chief deputy whips" plus a senior chief deputy, john lewis.  So degette doesn't rank as high as the title chief deputy implies.  She does, however , rank fairly high and is quite influential

  10. Mosque vandalized in Fort Collins

    reposted from Twitter feed of Cassa Niedringhaus of the Fort Collins Coloradoan 

    From the video, the President of the Islamic Center of Fort Collins said that the vandalism happened at 4 a.m. He also discusses angry neighbors, and what the camera showed of the vandal. A young man tried to break in, then broke windows and threw a Bible through them, finally broke in and damaged furniture.

    from John Kefalas Twitter
    I just received an email from Rabbi Hillel Katzir informing me that the Islamic Center of Fort Collins was seriously vandalized this morning, including someone throwing a Bible (!) through glass doors that were broken with large stones or bricks. The good Rabbi went to the Center this morning to view the damage and was appalled by what he saw. He is personally asking people to show up in support of the Fort Collins Islamic Community at 5:00 pm this afternoon (Sunday 3/26) at the Islamic Center of Fort Collins, 925 Lake Street, FC.
    Please spread the word! And come if you can! Signs in support of the Islamic Community are welcome! I will be present!

    UPDATE: Noco Indivisible is hosting the support rally.

      1. Was that irony,  Pseu? When I posted Cassa N.'s tweets, the Coloradoan hadn't posted her article yet.

        Social media is usually timelier than the mainstream sources.

        In any case, I hope that the FoCo community rallies strongly to protect their Muslim neighbors today. It was good to see the Rabbi Katzir's support. I wonder if Jared Polis will show up to support the mosque. 

        1. Just poking the pear again from our conversation above, since he suggested he was the only person who ever posted something here that didn’t show up the way he wanted.  Twitter stuff doesn't seem to come over very well when it's posted here.  I just added the newspaper link ‘cause I found it when I went to Twitter so I could see what you posted here.

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