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January 16, 2017 08:29 AM UTC

MLK Day Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.


35 thoughts on “MLK Day Open Thread

  1. As we celebrate the life of a great humanitarian, a man of peace, of dignity, and of inclusion, regrettably, this is what American journalists — and America and the world at large — face for the next four years at the immoral, tiny hands of Comrade Donaldovich Trumpov, with a deplorable assist from the pathetic, despicable likes of Comrades ACHole, MuddyRatAss and Impotent Peach (I can just hear these three radical Commie pustules pleading at their trials after the exposure of Comrade Trumpov: “But-but-but…we were just following orders!”):

    Deeply, deeply disturbing, and chilling. Comrade Trumpov and his reactionary, autocratic, fascistic, sycophantic anti-American ilk may well portend the end of America as we've known it.

    Fix bayonets, all decent patriotic Americans and non-brain dead journalists. It's quickly becoming time to engage the enemy, once and for all, in a fight to the metaphorical death.

    1. The fight — the resistance — is only just beginning, and it is YOU and your anti-American/anti-democracy Communist ilk who will lose, Comrade Impotent Peach (a.k.a. ImPeach). You’re clearly too dumb to have even the faintest clue as to just how ignorant and gullible you really are, you useful Communist idiot.

    1. I only hope we continue to have elections, V. Given the Communist/anti-democracy/vote-suppressing cabal about to take charge, it's no longer a given…

    2. Ah, 2018. I can only hope that you pick your leadership from the KOOK wing of the party. Liz Warren, Keith Ellison, Bernie Sanders. Keep pushing 90% tax rate, income equality and trans gender bathroom rights.

      The party should be just fine.



      1. The party whose candidate that got 3 million more votes than yours did in the last election?   The party that's not imploding right now, having to face the fact that their President-elect is a lying, treasonous bastard?


        1. Cur,

          Were you referring to Obama again?

          I think the extra 70 electoral votes were more important than running up the score in California, but I digress.

          1. Now Trump has to deliver. I suspect that those blue collar voters in WI, MI, PA, OH, who voted for him thinking that he'll bring 4-6% growth with a returning flood of manufacturing and coal mining jobs, are going to be disappointed.  

          2. Oh, I'm not questioning the electoral victory, Andrei…just the forces behind it, and the fact that the FBI director refuses to answer questions even from the GOP about his decisions.  But I digress….

  2. And then there's this lovely bit from the always classy Communist GOP:

    Good thing they're not psychopathic racists, isn't it?

    This is new Soviet Amerikkka in the era of Comrade Trumpov.

    Enjoy your massive downgrade, America. We'll be waiting for you to cry "uncle!," and then we'll save you from your worst, most base instincts and poor decisions yet again, as we always have, as we always — until you all die off — will.

  3. Clinton Crime Family closes down their foundation. Now why would that be? Surely there is still need in the world. Why would donations fall off?

    Proof positive that the foundation was a money laundering scheme. Bill wants all the cash before the Feds come in a put a lien on the assets. Or most probable to buy a pardon from Obama for Hillary. 

    1. Lost the election, out of power, no more influence to pedal. Donors abandon them.

      And here I thought all those big buck donors were in it out of the goodness of their hearts.  Next thing I know someone will tell me there's no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy.


      1. Taking Powerful Prune's logic to a nearby level, Donald Trump closing down his foundation must mean that it too was a money laundering scheme. 

        1. The Trump Foundation was a money laundering scheme. Washington Post reported:

          *The Trump Foundation has never completed legal paperwork to solicit donations.

          *The Trump Foundation has never been audited to determine if it benefits its officers.

          *There was illegal overlap between Trump Industries and the Trump Foundation – people who owed money to the Industries were directed to give it to the Foundation instead.

          The Guardian reports:

          *Trump gave $25K from the Foundation to FL Atty Gen Pam Bondi as "hush money" to persuade her not to open an investigation into Trump U.

          *Trump used $258K of the Foundation's money to settle legal disputes

          *Trump used $12K of the Foundation's money to buy a Tim Tebow helmet.

          *Trump used $30K of the Foundation's cash on two 6' portraits of himself.

          *Trump has lied about giving hundreds of millions to charity – the Washington post contacted 400 of those charities, and very few had received anything from Donald Trump, or from the Foundation.

          As a candidate, Trump claimed that the foundation raised $6 Million (remember when he wouldn't show up for a Republican candidate debate because he just had to go raise $$ for vets?) He raised considerably less than $6M, and gave nothing at all to the veterans he supposedly raised it for, until the Post began looking into his claims.

          Trump did not "voluntarily" shut down his Foundation. The New York Attorney General did that, because it was so obviously a Trump slush fund for "whatever Trump needed."

          So Pompous Pyrus, if you're looking for corruption, you may want to check into the guy about to move into the oval office – the one you voted for.

              1. You think fake news is new? Your naïveté is  conveniently placed. Dan Rather and other media hacks covered the Vietnam war and slanted the coverage toward the VC. Then when Rather makes up a story about Bush, people are surprised. 

                Editors, reporters, fact checkers, all paid group think. It's a model that works for Democrat media.

                News is opinion!

                1. So you're deflecting the thread onto a discussion of the Vietnam war, and its associated propaganda. That would be an interesting thread you could start, and it would give you the attention you seem to crave.

                   I'm not going to engage with you on that. This thread is about Martin Luther King, and the latest discussion that I participated in was about the corruption shown by Trump's money laundering outfit, the Trump Foundation. You don't want to deal with that, so you just label it "fake news". Convenient.

                  We're about to install the most blatantly corrupt President since Warren G. Harding. That is, unfortunately, not fake news.


    2. You're a fucking moron.  The Clinton Global Initiative–not the Clinton Foundation–is closing.  And it was announced in September.

      Which accounts for why this is a story in the alt-right/neo-fascist media only.


        1. So, Prune, why don't you share with us all; liberals and also a real conservative like me; exactly what are the crimes that either Clinton has been indicted for; tried in a court of law; and convicted?  Oh, my bad……there aren't any and Prune got caught in another lie. 

            1. So exactly what is the crime that he got convicted of? Contempt of court is pretty shaky. A judge thought he lied. Really? Did he get indicted for anything? And just for funzies, that occurred in 1999. How is it relevant 18 years later?

              I have contempt for some courts of law, especially those that try to enforce religious dogma of a particular nature or two upon all citizens. How does that grab ya? 

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