Russian Hacking

Russian Hacking

Every news headline about the alleged Russian hacking includes the word “election”. In fact none of the hacking activities impacted the election. Individuals were the target of the hackers. Those individuals just so happen to have written about subjects they never intended to become public. Now that the tone and depth of deceit of their writings has been exposed, there is much consternation and demand to hold accountable those who disclosed/hacked, and punish the perpetuators/hackers.

What the American people have chosen to do is to punish the deceit. That punishment coincidently happens to be associated with the team of people associated with Hillary Clinton. It is really no different than the philanders who were caught by the hack on Ashley Madison and the subsequent public disclosure of their names. To be sure those spouses, friends and family have extracted their measure of punishment for the offending behavior. So it is with the American voter, they chose not to accept the behavior of Hillary Clinton and her team.

The Russians may or may not have been the hacker. The shocking part of this whole subject is the revelation there are “16 or 17” intelligence agencies! News organizations roll the number off the video or printed page without a single question of why are there 17 intelligence agencies. I wonder if the number was 173 agencies if it would have generated a question. This is a classic demonstration of essences of government. Government’s inherent focus is to get ever larger in every area in which they are given purview. President Trump is correct in proposing a shakeup of the organizational scope of the various agencies. It must be done and it must be done in every similar case throughout the Federal government. The “Big Foot” of budget savings, (waste, fraud and abuse) has seen but never captured, and it never will be with a typical politician. If you have studied basic organization, you will know about “silos”, and barriers they present to adopting change. Seventeen silos, of the same function, insanity. Waste of epic proportions. Think of the funds that could have been directed to………, you name the social program.


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  1. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    Gee – 17 agencies means there MUST be inefficiencies. No one could POSSIBLY have thought that before.

    Problem is, intelligence is not a stand-alone operation. It needs to be integrated into departments, agencies and military branches that actually DO something. Those who want to do something have specific questions and overall priorities that may not be relevant to others. For example – 5 of those agencies are military. Consolidating to a single "national military intelligence" agency may be efficient in some sense – but at the cost of potentially compromising missions of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

  2. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Are you really that ready to pick up the soap that Putin dropped Pear?  American intelligence agents from Nathan Hale to Valery Plame have risked their lives to keep us free.   Defaming their memory to kiss Putin's ass is the lowest thing Trump has done yet.

    • Powerful PearPowerful Pear says:

      I'm sure the agents do an excellent job. After all you and I were agents once. The command structure is different and so are the political appointees Those I can't attest for. 

      On my side I see the politicalization of the IRS, Justice Department, previous intel pronouncements and other departments and I am deeply sceptical of government, Democrat or Republican. 

      The left spins political points out of Trump not blaiming Putin. It also scores points against Trump for dissing how Obama handled the the previous 15 months of hacking.

      From my experience, it is better to talk with your neighbor about a dispute before you call him a son of a bitch and head for the arms locker. John McCain prefers to call the neighbor an SOB. Thank GOD he was never elected President. 

      If we open the arms locker, it should be against a real threat, and that's not Russia at this point. Maybe later but not now.

      Body wash here, no soap.


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