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“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.”

–Louis L’Amour

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  1. Zappatero says:

    Bernie trying to hold Trump accountable. Jared Polis and Michael Bennet trying to figure out how to be bipartisan with the Lying Thief:

    Jared Polis for the New Democratic (aka "Blue Dog") Coalition Chair?

    Since most "Blue Dog" Democrats have lost their seats, all of them in ignominy, Democrats' new strategy at maintaining a "Republican Lite" political posture is now called the New Democratic Coalition.

    And though this continuing, failing strategy has been shown for what it is over and over, as it continues to betray Democratic ideals and our battered Middle Class, our beloved multi-millionaire congressman Jared Polis wants to run the damned thing.

    A couple weeks ago, DownWithTyranny mentioned that the Republican wing of the Democratic Party— the New Dems– was in the process of electing new officers. Jared Polis, the wealthiest Democrat in the House, is running for the chairmanship, although people tell me that Wall Street crook and ex-New Dem chieftain Joe Crowley still calls the shots there. Polis is sending his election literature to non-members who forward them on to me for a laugh. He followed that up with one called Thanksgiving Note (personal). Don't you just love getting spam marked personal?

    From Jared:

    As we rejoice in the blessings of family and friends this Thanksgiving, in appreciation of our small private worlds which are so important to giving us the strength to serve, I am particularly thankful for our New Dem Family.

    …The New Dems are a future-oriented caucus. We don't want to go back; we want to make the future work. The America of the 1950’s, while it may have had opportunities for white working-class men, was not kind to the rest of us, including women, people of color, and the LGBT community, among others. That's not a past we desire to return to, but it should serve as inspiration for us to create a better future for everybody, including white working-class men. A future in which rather than retreating into isolationism and nationalism, we work with the rest of the world to create a better and more prosperous future. One in which we stamp out bigotry and discrimination and rise to the challenge of ensuring that our economy can work for all Americans.

    That would be pitiable if it hadn't come from a millionaire Congressman-for-Life like Jared.

    We're now looking at a President Donald Trump and a historic and ruthless rollback of popular (God Forbid!) and progressive (Wait, what?) achievements. Much of this can be attributed to Democrats' fealty to Wall Street, their abandonment of Main Street, and their complete inability to stand for the most basic principles that helped make the modern Democratic Party ideological home of America's Middle Class. 

    (Please refer to Wikipedia entries on “Franklin Delano Roosevelt” and “Harry S. Truman” if you are ignorant of this history – as our current elected leaders seem to be.-ed.)

    Jared Polis will continue those failures in the name of the "New Dems". Michael Bennet – the unrequited Blue Dog – will quietly stand by.

    And Colorado Pols won't say a thing about any of them. 

  2. Davie says:

    Doonsbury should have been required reading during the election campaignCa654de021b601329eee005056a9545d


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