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“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

–Bill Gates

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  1. FrankUnderwood says:

    Does Paul Ryan suck?

    That was the question chanted by Trump supporters at one of their leader's rallies. I'm waiting for an answer from Moderatus or Andrew Carnegie.


    First she plagiarizes Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech, and now she does her imitation of  Hillary Clinton's 1992 60 Minutes Stand-By-Your-Man interview.

    Melania spoke with Anderson Cooper, characterizing her husband as being like a little boy with his locker room banter. She also took off attacking the credibility of Trump's accusers. 

  2. davebarnes says:

    "GOP VP nominee Mike Pence coming to Durango"

    What are these numbskulls doing?

    • Duke Cox says:

      They are desperate for photo ops. They need crowds to give the impression that he is still viable as a candidate. They will get a good one in GJ today. We have an inordinate number of Trump crazies here.

      I am guessing Pence is visiting Durango as a favor to someone like Tipton who is fearing for his political life. Tipton is as disliked as Scott McInnis. If he loses his congressional seat, the best he can hope for in the future is a county commissioner job in a redneck county like Mesa…or a position at "Tim Fosters' Home for Failed Republican Politicians".

      • FrankUnderwood says:

        Or a position on the faculty at Mesa State. Isn't that the employer of last resort for Western Slope Republicans? 

        • Conserv. Head Banger says:

          Somebody should ask Mike Pence why he sponsored a bill, when in Congress, that would have required women who had suffered a spontaneous miscarriage to provide funeral arrangements for the fetus.

          • BlueCat says:

            Because, dear CHB that's the kind of thing most 21st century GOP voters think is just fine and he's a red stater. Those Rs and  strong R leaners who would like to see a somewhat more moderate position still think someone like that is better than any Dem. You pretty much can't get too wacko far right to win in Indiana. Not worth trying to weasel his way to a more moderate position for this election because he knows there's no chance Trump is going to win. Why piss off his base for nothing?

            • Conserv. Head Banger says:

              Me:  born and raised in Indiana. Lived there 32 years before moving to Colorado in early 1980s. Lowdown I've gotten; from family & long time friends of both parties; is that Pence would not have been re-elected this year had he run for a 2nd term as Indiana governor.

              • FrankUnderwood says:

                So you have the same background as that Mexican judge who was born in Indiana and who is incapable of judging the Trump?


              • BlueCat says:

                So they say and he did cause a lot of trouble for the state but, as with the reluctant Trump voters, do you really think they would have voted in a Dem instead? Especially since Pence probably has enough sense to make adjustments that Trump can't make. Or do you think he would have been successfully primaried, no doubt by an only slightly less over the top R who would have had no trouble winning.

                Bet Pence would have been quite willing to tweak his message if he thought he needed to. It wouldn't have taken all that much tweaking.  And it's not like any R who could win a primary as a challenger there would have been any more than slightly less rabid on choice, gays, etc.

                So color me unimpressed with your native state.

        • Duke Cox says:

           Mesa State…

          … "Tim Fosters' Home for Failed Republican Politicians"……..

          one and the same.



  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Who will the Trump family blame today? Will it be new and try to grab the news cycle with an innovation or is it going to be a SAD! repetition of the excuses already offered? Will it be a state-specific whine or will he go national? Focused on just one or two, or an off-the-teleprompter full-blown rundown of his greatest hits?

  4. Duke Cox says:

    I am happy and proud to announce that, at about 9:00 PM yesterday, KWSI FM lp at 100.3 on your radio dial, went on the air for the first time. We are in our test phase, and will only be broadcasting intermittently while we finish construction of the studios and put together our programming for a full time schedule.

    KWSI is a community based, low-power FM station that will emphasize all things local and, get this, progressive.…finally.

    More to come…when you are in Grand Junction, please give us a listen. I expect  we will be on 24/7 ere long…


  5. FrankUnderwood says:

    Hillary's Long List….

    Back in March, John Podesta was circulating – within the HRC campaign – the long list of 39 prospects for VP. It was obviously not a serious list and probably published to flatter people. Names included Michael Bloomberg, Bill or Melinda Gates, Tim Cook, and even the pride of the Centennial State, Thurston J. Bennett, III. (Someone call the paramedics for Zapp.)

  6. FrankUnderwood says:

    Larry Flynt has offered $1  million to anyone who comes forward with more Trump scandal tapes.

    You may recall Larry's last public service to his country. No, not his unsuccessful run for governor of California in the Gray Davis recall election. I'm talking about his outting of Newt Gingrich's hand-picked successor as speaker, Bob Livingston, during the height (or depth) of the Clinton blow job impeachment debate on the House floor in December 1998. 


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