Another Gut-Punch Compelling Yes on 106 Ad

The Yes on Colorado End-Of-Life Options campaign to pass Proposition 106 could be running the most compelling issue ads we’re seeing from anyone this election cycle. Here’s the release for the launch of today’s TV spot, featuring a man fighting against brain cancer:

Introducing the ad, Matt Larson said:

“I hope every Colorado voter sees this ad. My story is proof enough that there are real Coloradans who would immediately benefit from the passage of Prop 106.

“Passing Prop 106 is an urgent matter. I am in the thick of my battle with brain cancer and although I hope to never have to consider the option of medical aid in dying, it would bring me tremendous peace of mind to know it was available if needed.

“The opponents of Prop 106 are attempting to make the argument that this issue can wait for another year, and that even voters who support the general concept should oppose Prop 106 because it is designed incorrectly. Coloradans: Do not be fooled. Providing a full range of end-of-life options to terminally ill people should not be a political issue. A “YES” vote for Prop 106 does not mean that you would use, or even consider the option for yourself but rather supports giving terminally ill people the option to decide for themselves.”

“We are all pulling for Matt Larson,” said campaign manager Jess Grennan. “His story is our story. We hope to never have to consider this option but know that it is not for us to make choices for others as they face their own difficult decisions when faced with terminal illness.“

Are you going to tell Matt Larson he has to suffer? It’s just another reason why we see this measure passing by the highest margin of anything on the ballot in Colorado this year–or that has been in some years.

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  1. HollyA says:

    You can read more about Matt's story on the campaign blog ( or on his website: – thank you!

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