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September 24, 2016 02:03 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I think everybody in here is a special interest of some kind.”

–Mike Coffman


41 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. Honey, you really need to get a life. I'm almost touched by your faux concern over people dying in America.  How about we start with some simple things?  50,000 children die every year from epilepsy, many of whom could be treated with a natural, non-psychoactive cannabidiol product.  Yet, they live in states where it's illegal and the chairs of the House and Senate Judiciary committee somehow just can't muster the energy to bring the bills before committee. 

      Here's but one reason to not vote for the Screaming Yam: AG Chris Christie

      Find a new boogeyman.  

      1. Are we taking odds on the local endorsement? 

        For first time in more than 100 years, Union Leader doesn’t back GOP candidate

        “The man is a liar, a bully, a buffoon,” Joseph W. McQuaid, the Union Leader publisher, wrote of Trump in a signed editorial. “He denigrates any individual or group that displeases him. He has dishonored military veterans and their families, made fun of the physically frail, and changed political views almost as often as he has changed wives.”

  1. Doing a bit of reading this morning, and came across the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel coverage of Donald J. Trump Jr. this past week.–open-to-all

    Notable elements:

    * expected crowd of 4,000; actual "crowd" of 300.

    * No particular commitment or position from the Trump spokesman, only a non-position of “We can have the best of all worlds,” he said. “We can have grazing, we can have fishing, we can have hunting on the same lands. We can multi-purpose these lands, and we can do it in a way that’s smart and preserves them, and everybody wins.”

    1. I just made a drive-by to one of my FB friends from out here…there is no doubt that Drumpf is going to take Colorado.  None.

      I have spoke to lots of folks this election cycle , I have yet to run into anyone who says they are voting for Hillary! So idk who they are polling but there is nothing but Trumpers here , we are all sick of this mess , and they are letting Hillary away with absolute murder and treason! There's something bad about to happen sister! Real bad !

      And we are seeing the violence in the streets ramping up. Could it be martial law is just around the corner. Can the election even be held……..

      What really and honestly has me worried is if he wins will he be declared President??? With all the corrupt things she and the people in her corner are capable of…worries me.

    2. Shades of Wayne Aspinall and the doctrine of multiple sequential use.  All true, up to a point.  But give them away to the Clive bundys and watch how fast the No Trespassing signs appear.

  2. My Trumpkin students are very vocal, but outnumbered. I'm keeping a lid on classroom political debate unless they can make a real connection to the content. In American Lit, that content happens to be speeches and debate at the Virginia convention, prior to officially beginning the Revolutionary War against Britain. Trumpkins do not excel at making these connections.

    Im reading the Greeley Tribune. The Sat.Ed. "newspaper" is 50 percent paid ads, including classified and legal.
    About 40 percent sports news, and only 8 pages of news and opinion, including a puff piece by Velázquez about Clarice Navarro says that endorsing Trump is "doing the right thing",. Make up the rest of this paper.




    1. Jeez ACHole.  Convincing yourself that the infantile megalomaniac Donald Trump would make a decent President is like eating a sun-baked cowpie for breakfast and telling everyone it was a fresh buttered croissant.

      You really can't tell the difference?  Eewww!

      1. The question, Davie, is how much longer the RNC can run this shell game. The Yamperor has already made it clear he has no interest in running the country. He has already indicated he will turn domestic and foreign policy over to Pence while he mostly handles ceremonial shit and makes deals. The RNC has a long game. They are extorting other candidates to back The Celebrity Liar…or else, no support from Washington.

        Reince is rolling the dice.

        They have cut him ( Der Drumphenfuehrer) loose to make whatever preposterous claims he wants. They need the fury of the Army of Trumpenham to propel them to victory in November…Hail Victory!

        If he is elected, he will make a mockery of nearly 240 years of seeking a more perfect union. The Republican Party I have known and studied since the election of 1972 has, through its anointment of this awful man, become the vessel of hate that is the only place the mounting fear of a displaced and very angry white minority can land, short of rebellion.

        I have posted many times in the past about my experience around the country, working in the construction industry, getting to know those people who are now fully conned by His Hairness. The recent book, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D.Vance is a must read on the subject. I came from the same culture of which he writes..

        Every Republican president since Reagan, and the entire corporate money machine, has played white, racist, Americans like fishes. In addition to the Fox News Brainwashing Network, the vast national network of corporate, fundamentalist Christian media saturates the airwaves of the South and Midwest, reminding the flock of all the reasons they should hate Obama and fear all those dark skinned people..particularly those who speak a language they have no hope of ever understanding…who took away their jobs..

        Their small town churches are now owned by, and fed talking points by, huge conglomerates…owned and managed by multi-millionaires like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, and Franklin Graham. The little country churches now get speeches prepared by writers at the corporate offices. The mega-church experience, when attending such a hive, teaches a participant only to worship…

        AC is just what a fascist needs…


  3. On a different topic, tomorrow (Sept. 25) marks the beginning of the annual Banned Books Week, sponsored by the American Library Association. Do yourselves a big favor and read a book that would not be around to be read if the fundie Christians had their way in America.

    Just say NO to censorship.   

          1. Thanks, cook. It hurts, but that kind of goes with getting 3 screws put into one's elbow joint. I find that typing one-handed, like being limited to 120 characters on Twitter, forces me to be concise.

            1. Sorry to hear about your surgery and wish you a speedy recovery. Myself, I finally "bit the bullet" and had my gall bladder taken out on the 16th to hopefully resolve a couple years of G.I. symptoms. Getting old isn't fun nor for the weak.

  4. CHB

    I believe in not banning books or the ideas contained in them.  I am a free market type in that regard.

    I went to the site and looked at the banned books.  It seems I read half of them in a public high school, admittedly some time ago.  It appears to me the list is full of books that are not politically correct, like Uncle Tom's Cabin, that were more likely found offensive by progressive I am afraid to hurt someone's feelings- types than the religious right.


    1. Andrew: I track very closely certain web sites like Americans United for Separation of Church and State; and Right Wing Watch. Both of them chronicle the efforts of fundamentalist Christians to try and censor what kids are allowed to read. It's one thing for a parent to say "no, I don't want my kid reading this book." It's something totally different when said parents try to make other parents' decisions for them. I stand by my statement.

      I agree that there is a certain amount of "progressive political correctness" in these times. One little known example has been an ongoing effort to re-name the 14er in the San Luis Valley, Kit Carson Peak, because Carson oppressed native Americans. Yes, he did, by our more enlightened standards of today. But his actions were reflective of HIS times. I don't see a need to always go back and re-name everything; take down statutes of Robert E. Lee; etc. Let them remain as examples to tell us how far we've come as a society. After all, it was less than 10 years ago that gays could not marry or even join in civil unions. The fundies predicted that society would crumble if gays were able to marry. Hasn't happened. Only thing crumbling has been the right of fundies to dictate their beliefs to others.

  5. Cincinnati Enquirer Endorses Clinton on Friday

    (paraphrased)  The Enquirer has supported Republicans for president for almost a century — a tradition this editorial board does not take lightly. But this is not a traditional race and these are not traditional times.

    Clinton is a known commodity with a proven track record of governing. Our reservations about Clinton pale in comparison to our fears about Trump. In these uncertain times, America needs a brave leader, not bravado. Real solutions, not paper thin promises. A clear eye towards the future, not a cynical appeal to the good old days.  It's time to elect the first female president — not because she's a woman, but because she's hands-down the most qualified choice.

    (they go to great length to identify Trump's shortcomings. Suggest a Google to learn more)

  6. CHB:

    Trump is killing Hillary in Ohio.  It is not even close.  Last 4 polls are between +3 and +5 for Trump.

    In a traditional sense Hillary is the most qualified.  She went to the right schools, held down the right jobs, etc.  The problem is not her traditional qualifications, it is not that she is a woman, a democrat, etc.etc.  It is who she is and what she has done that makes her disqualified, in my opinion.

    1. Andrew: "killing" means one is behind by double digit numbers, or close to same. 538 has Trump up 1.5 points in Ohio, which is well within the margin of error. 

      Read Mark Cuban's comments about why Trump is bad for the country and why most of the accusations against Hillary have no basis in fact. Read the current expose in Newsweek about Trump's nefarious business dealings and his constant lying. Read what The Economist thinks of Trump. Don't get me wrong. I would not even consider voting for Hillary if Kasich or Bush or Graham had gotten the Republican nomination. But Trump will be a financial, political, and economic disaster for the country if he somehow manages to get elected.

    2. 538 average has Trump up 1.6 pct in Ohio.  Hillary's gotv is worth 2 to3 percent.  I like those odds.  Plus hrc's new mirrors ad destroys his dickheadness with women.



    3. So, AC: How is Trump "qualified" to be Commander in Chief and leader of the free world?  His business failures that ended in bankruptcies? His five draft deferments for disappearing "bone spurs"? His reality TV shows? What?

      And I'll quote Joy Reid in her verbal battle with Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn"

      “Boris, we are not going to crosstalk,” Reid told him early on. “One of us is going to talk at a time. When it is AM-Boris, you can talk whenever you want. We are going to talk one at a time on this show. … I am going to propose a kind of syllogism. It is not a perfect syllogism for people who studied philosophy.  But if I ask you a question about Donald Trump. And you give me an answer about Hillary Clinton. I think it is fair for the people who are watching this show to come to the conclusion that either a) you don’t know the answer to my question, b) the answer to y question will not help your candidate, so you don’t want to give it or 3) you are not here to answer my question. You are here to give talking points that help your candidate. So now I will ask you the question again.”

      1. Boris has the soul of a champagne salesman.  As a historical note, that was Joachim von Ribbentrop's job before he grabbed the main chance and became Hitler's foreign minister.


  7. More proof that electing Trump will be bad for business and the economy is an article in the weekend Wall Street Journal. As of late last month, none of the CEOS of the largest 100 companies have donated to Trump, as individuals. Many of them supported other Repub candidates like Bush or Graham. And at this time in 2012, most had given to Romney. Now, 89 are on the sidelines and 11 have given to Hillary. 

    One can say what one thinks about big business. But these people are not dummies. They know what's good for the country in terms of a president and who would be horrible.

    I assume everyone has seen on the news in the past week of the CEOs of Mylan and Wells Fargo getting a solid bi-partisan blasting in congressional hearings. I might speculate on hearings next year on Trump's dealings if he isn't elected. 

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