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September 07, 2016 12:35 PM UTC

Morgan Carroll Goes On The Air

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Aurora Sentinel’s Rachel Sapin reports on Morgan Carroll’s debut ad in the red-hot CD-6 race:

Democratic challenger Morgan Carroll released her first television ad Wednesday in her 2016 campaign to win the congressional seat from incumbent Republican Mike Coffman. In the ad, the former state Senate president touted her personal accomplishments in an effort to win over voters.

“I put myself through school with minimum wage jobs, and I started a business with my mom to help advocate for people with disabilities” Carroll says in the ad, titled “Why I Am Running.”

The ad will air on broadcast television and is part of a planned $1.4 million marketing campaign between now and election day, according to the Carroll for Colorado Campaign.

“We are extremely excited to kick off our first ad of this cycle,” said Carroll for Colorado campaign manager Jenny Donovan in a statement. “Morgan’s story is the story of thousands of people in this district, and that’s why they know that, when elected, she’ll fight for them in Washington to deliver real results on education, jobs, and veteran’s issues. The voters of this district recognize that they need someone in Congress who understands them, and we’re going to see the results of that this November.”

Supporters of Carroll have been looking to see the candidate get out and define herself, and this ad does a very good job at introducing her–and building the affirmative case for her election to Congress. We’re pleased to see that Carroll did not kick off her ad campaign with a negative hit on opponent Mike Coffman, choosing instead to tell voters about her own background. That’s what she needs to be doing.

Bottom line: it’s a good ad to introduce Sen. Carroll, with enough money behind it to make sure CD-6 voters see it. With high election season just now getting underway, now is the time when voters will start paying attention down the ballot.


15 thoughts on “Morgan Carroll Goes On The Air

  1. Message good but one tip : the chyrons were virtually unreadable. Small, italic, under a thick rule.  Go look at The Briefing videos from the Clinton campaign and emulate.

  2. The NRCC response, since Colorado Pols will never post it:

    Trial lawyer Morgan Carroll’s milquetoast first ad of the 2016 cycle is notable less for what it says and more for the major issues it avoids altogether:

    Carroll highlights her law career, but conveniently fails to mention that she is a trial lawyer who has used her position in the state legislature to push bills that would benefit her own industry and donors.

    Carroll also neglects to tell voters that she is Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate,fundraising with her Super PAC, and has fully embraced a far-left agenda that would skyrocket taxes and smother small businesses.

    Carroll doesn’t go anywhere near national security issues, a top concern for voters, because her dangerous positions put her far out of step with 6th District families. Carroll supports the reckless nuclear deal with Iran and closing GITMO, even if it means bringing terrorist detainees to Colorado.

    Carroll also left out her longstanding support of single-payer health care, which she has cynically tried to walk back now that she is running in a more moderate district.

    NRCC Comment: “In her first ad of the cycle, trial lawyer Morgan Carroll put on a clinic in avoiding major issues that voters care about. The truth is that Morgan Carroll’s extreme views are badly out of step with the 6th District and all she can do is run from who she really is, a partisan trial lawyer who puts politics ahead of what’s right for the people she hopes to represent.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter

    1. If you weren't so dense Modster these ironical situations would be a lot more fun.  Your BFF would wither on the vine without trial attorneys. 

      It Takes a Lot of Lawyers to Represent Donald Trump

      "I spent a couple of bucks on legal fees, and they spent a whole lot more. … I did it to make his life miserable, which I'm happy about," Trump said of the O'Brien case, commenting to The Washington Post in March. 

    2. A trial lawyer "helping her own industry"?

      You mean by representing people who are injured due to defectively-manufactured products put together with sub-standard parts? Or representing people injured on the job site by employers who are too cheap and avaricious to operate workplaces that meet safety standards (which are routinely trashed as "excessive government regulation" by the assholes in the Tea Party)? Is that what you and your paymasters at the NRCC mean, Moddy? 

    3. Ugh.  Again with the "Nancy Pelosi's handpicked" blah, blah, blah fear mongering?  What's Mike Coffman done with his years in Congress for the people of the sixth district?  Waffle, shut down government, pander, question the birthplace of the commander in chief, carry water for his fossil fuel/privatize-everything pals…  Mike has done a great job riding his MARINE COMBAT VETERAN line — he should probably have it tattooed on his forehead — but it does nothing for the veterans and other constituents he's failed back home.

      1. And what the hell is wrong with Nancy Pelosi, first woman to become Speaker and an excellent, accomplished one who puts the ineffectual do nothing R Speakers who followed her to shame.

          1. It all goes back to the post-Reagan terror of the idea of being seen as even slightly liberal. The right did a fantastic job of labeling Pelosi as not just a liberal but a San Francisco (horrors!) Liberal. "Liberal" was bad enough but combine it with "San Francisco" and you get to bring in homophobia and imply everything that both titillates and haunts the fevered dreams of the guilt ridden, repressed so called moral so called majority.

            It was like proclaiming her to be the Queen of Sodom and Gomorrah. In reality she was just a garden variety traditional Dem to the left of the then dominant center right DLC Dems (bear in mind Ike would have been to the left of any DLC Dem) who had ceded the high ground to the right, believing that the only way to survive was by being Republican lite and renouncing the very word "liberal" forever more.

            I bet the overwhelming majority of those who nod their heads in agreement whenever the name "Nancy Pelosi" is invoked to stand for an almost Satanic level of lefty evil don't even know why they're supposed to hate and fear her so damn much and couldn't come up with any examples of terrible things that she in particular has done, said or stood for outside of the usual general disagreements between all conservatives and all liberals. I mean progressives. Dems rolled over so completely we had to find a new word.

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