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September 01, 2016 8:00 am MST

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

We aren’t going anywhere, friends. Thanks for your patience.


23 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Is it just me, or does Der Zweite Fuhrers'  new "deportation force" sound like the groundwork for the new Gestapo?

    I guess,the only way we will be able to keep illegals out is to make sure all the legal ones wear something special so they can be easily identified. Maybe a hat…or an emblem on their clothing, ….yeah, that's it….

    1. Der Zweite Fuhrer is truly the most disgusting person who has ever been a major party candidate for President. He's disgusting – his followers are frightening.


    1. Despite the left's paranoia, the U.S. has never losta case in these trade courts.  Would you prefer we just go back to the old practice of sending in the Marines when United Fruit Co. felt aggrieved?

      1. Even if that’s true and even if it were true that such a thing could never happen in the future, you may the think it's OK to beat up on poor countries Like El Salvador and their poor workers as long as they don't mess with us. Many of us don't.

        Besides, in opposing TPP as written, we're supporting the policy of your goddess and you're not.angel

        1. And you are hand in hand with Donald Trump, marching to the great protectionist future.   I'll try not to judge you by the company you keep.

          On the real point. I  gather you are cool with regimes like Hugo Chavez;s nationalizing — stealing — companies foolish enough to do business in his country. As the article says, these tribunals are basically binding arbitration to settle contract disputes.    Why do you fly into a rage at the prospect of peaceful resolution of contract disputes?

          1. Love the way you change the subject when confronted with the fact that your stand is no longer in line with HRC's.

            Nice try.  No reason to dignify your equating HRC's stand with being a Chavez fan and advocating taking whole industries out of private hands and turning them over to an all means of production owning government, a look over there worthy of the most foaming at the mouth. straw grasping, hyperbole spouting rightie. 

            Still love ya!

  2. I've got an anomaly for you, Alva. No matter how many times I tell it to go away, every time I  turn a page, there's a damned Drumph ad at the top. Since only Moddy and A.C.  (BTW, what's become of A.C.?) have any likelihood of voting for The Screaming Yam, isn't this a dumb place for this kind of ad?

    1. cook, try Ghostery. It's a browser extension that zaps ads and trackers. It doesn't seem to take up much memory and actually makes Pols and other sites load faster for me, since the damn popups don't load. I like the additional layers of privacy, too. On Pols, ghostery does disable some facebook-based videos and aps, so I have to turn it off when I watch the Get More Smarter Show or some of Jason's soundclouds.

      I can't load it on my browser at work, but it's on my home laptop and Android, and well worth it not to see all those ads, including the Trumpster's ugly face.

      1. Thanks, M.J. I'll get Karen to do this tomorrow (our writers' group meets tonight). And now you know why I married her. She's my in-house I.T. guru devil

  3. Note to our junior Senator: even the insurance industry has bailed on your Drill baby, drill!! plan

    'The Mother of All Risks': Insurance Giants Call on G20 to Stop Bankrolling Fossil Fuels

    "Climate change in particular represents the mother of all risks—to business and to society as a whole. And that risk is magnified by the way in which fossil fuel subsidies distort the energy market," said Aviva CEO Mark Wilson. "These subsidies are simply unsustainable."


    1. …and a little love note from Papa Frank (the ultimate, radical environmentalist):

      Pope Francis says care of environment a new ‘work of mercy’

      In an innovation that surprised many church-watchers and upset some traditionalists, Francis said that prayer and action to protect the environment should be added to the venerable seven corporal works of mercy and the seven spiritual works of mercy drawn from the Gospels and Christian tradition.


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