Earth to Washington: People Read Blogs

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  1. Jambalaya says:

    ..that the US Senate didn’t bend the rules (and/or bend over) for you even after you mentioned Westword?!  Best of?!  To Hell in a handcart, this country is going.

    Maybe things would’ve been different if Westword hadn’t bestowed its honors on a different blog in 2008?

  2. Canines says:

    Maybe if they’re aware of the problem — and actually want you to attend — they can intervene. You know, kind of like how Bennet’s office will be dealing soon enough with issues like, “Can you please expedite Petey Y.’s passport?”

    The advertising angle is especially galling. That almost deserves a follow-up call to them, so that we can all learn what constitutes sufficient advertising in order to gain press access.

  3. redstateblues says:

    I do hope that Senator Bennet would do an interview or some sort of piece of he was contacted.

    Either way it seems like it would have been a win-win. Instead it turns into a hullabaloo.

  4. sxp151 says:

    especially a group blog like this. What’s Jeff’s official position? (Is that his real name or is it just borrowed from Obadiah Stane?)

    My understanding is that he only recently became a front pager and hasn’t written all that much for the site since then. So even if Colorado Pols in general were given press access, I don’t know if Jeff would necessarily qualify as the site’s representative.

    (I don’t know if anyone else would either, to be honest, considering our other two front page diarists and the site’s founders all post anonymously.)

    As for what Pols actually is… It’s mostly reproducing other people’s stuff and making sarcastic comments about it, as well as the occasional flamebait diary. In other words, not a newspaper. We have editorials but not a whole lot of reporting.

    My advice would be to maybe get over ourselves and our seemingly enormous egos. The newspaper is not dead yet; if it were, we probably wouldn’t have much front page content to begin with.

    • redstateblues says:

      If I got paid, I’d do 20 diaries a day, report from the state capitol, and never use newspaper sources for information again. Every nugget you get from the non-Dead Guvs of this site is 100% pro bono. Even the operators themselves barely get any money from running the site.

      I think money is what it really comes down to. I doubt that a DKos front pager would have gotten the same shabby treatment as Jeff, anonymous or not. They have a bajillion hits a day, plus all the advertising revenue.

      Besides, whether it’s sarcastic comments and no real reporting or not, it’s still a legitimate political entity.

    • Canines says:

      The anonymity bit. The format. Those would be considered hindrances.

      Hell, not even “Jeff Gannon” could get a Congressional press pass — although surprisingly it seemed like no problem for him to attend White House press conferences:

  5. Craig says:

    That’s like ridiculous.  Especially given the losses, bankruptcies and closings generated by newspapers today.  So, unless your newspaper is generating a profit, they aren’t press and can’t come?  Someone just needs to start over with the Senate.  They’re just a problem anyway.  I say we pass a constitutional amendment to do away with the Senate and just have the house.

  6. DavidThi808 says:

    Those “my lunch with…” interviews I do are read daily even now on my website via google searches. So every day there are 2 or 3 people (each) reading the ones with Ken Salazar, Jared Polis, Betsy Markey, Mike Coffman, etc. And I would guess my posts of them here and on Square State get even more views.

    Jeff’s interview would have done the same. What they miss in the blogosphere is a newspaper article gets read by more people on that first day. But then it’s in the recycle bin. The blog posts is there every day available through google. And because of how google favors blogs and sites with rapidly changing content, it will almost always put these posts higher than a newspaper article.

    And there’s definitely no percentage in telling someone who would write a nice front page piece here to go take a hike.

    • Dabee47 says:

      Bennet had no say in who was allowed in the old Chamber for his ceremonial swearing-in outside of his own family.

      Dumb Senate rules, yes.  Dumb Junior Senator from Colorado, no.

      • RedGreen says:

        plus, Bennet didn’t turn down an interview with Jeff, either; the Senate officials wouldn’t issue press credentials to the swearing-in. Save the ire for the Senate and its stodgy rules, not Bennet.

      • DavidThi808 says:

        Bennet still could have done the interview after the swearing in. The interview would not have occured during the official swearing in anyways.

        And I’m sure if Bennet had asked to have Jeff in he would have been allowed. You can bring family & friends.

    • Thorntondem says:

      Great job on your interviews/”my lunch with” David. I really enjoyed reading those posts last year.

      Your right. Dumb, out of date 1800’s rules, in the Senate.

      P.S. However, I am glad Colorado voters did not listen to your early Amend 50 advice 🙂  

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