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“He who talks more is sooner exhausted.”

–Lao Tzu

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  1. davebarnes says:

    "Donald Trump, the first human to score an OMFG on the Myers-Briggs test"
    Jason Linkins, 
    Editor, Eat the Press

  2. BlueCat says:

    After being repeatedly offered opportunities to say that he didn't mean that Obama was literally the founder of ISIS and turning them down Trump suddenly plays the sarcasm card….. again and very belatedly. Yes he meant every word but as sarcasm?

    Why didn't he say so the first dozen times he had the chance? Once again it's the media's fault: Can't people take a joke? I guess he must mean a practical joke where the point is to get people to really believe something and only after they freak out say…. gotcha! Just kidding!

    BTW, that's not how sarcasm works. Sarcasm is supposed to be obvious. 

    Imagine the fun The Donald could have, say, pretending that he'd just launched a nuke. Gotcha, world… April fools! What's 'a matter? Can't take a joke?



    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Donald Drumpf is a misunderstood genius, an unparalleled humanitarian, a giant of a man who only wants to make America great again for everyone — regardless of pigmentation, nationality, gender, orientation, or religious belief . . . 


      (Now, that's either sarcasm or a Moderatus position paper ? . . . ?)

  3. Zappatero says:

    Does Cory Gardner want Donald Trump to name the Supe who'll replace the completely dead Antonin "Vaffunculo" Scalia?

    Obama nominee Merrick Garland is preposterously qualified. The Republicans look like obstructionist idiots. Worse for them, Garland is probably the best candidate they're likely to get out of either the current Democratic administration, or out of what is looking increasingly like the next one.

    There apparently is some procedural wicky-wacky-woo that Reid could pull to force a vote on Garland's nomination but, right now, he's dangling that nomination out there as a way for his Republican colleagues to distance themselves from the vulgar talking yam that their party nominated for president.

    Republican Obstructionism should be the No. 2 issue behind Republican Faux-News/HateRadio induced Psychosis. And being bipartisan with any of these wackadoos is stupid both politically and morally for now and into the foreseeable future.

  4. Chickenheed says:

    I pride myself on understanding opinions that I don't agree with. But I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would support such willfully stupid people for public office such as Trump and Glenn.

  5. Chickenheed says:

    I've figured out the strategy of the campaign against Hillary Clinton:

    1. Ask an accusatory question about Clinton.
    2. Assume she is in the wrong and blast her for it.
    3. Get an answer from Clinton. If she says she didn't do anything wrong, she's obviously lying. Continue to ask the same accusatory question until she gives a different answer.
    4. When she gives a different answer (even if it's the same answer worded differently), hold the new answer up as proof that Clinton is lying.
    5. Repeat.
    6. When an issue runs out of steam, find a new accusatory question to ask and repeat steps 1-5.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      But chickenheed, that only works so well when she's running against a narcissist like Trump. It seems like every time some FixedNews talking head digs up a dirt clod to lob at Sec. Clinton, one that puts her in the spotlight for a day, Trump says something outrageous to get the focus back on himself. I think the guy who wrote that piece davebarnes linked has the best strategy: lie low and let Trump win the election for her.

  6. Arvadonian1 says:

    NBC News Colorado Presidential poll:

    Clinton 46, Trump 32

    Clinton 41, Trump 29. Johnson 15, Stein 6 

    Colorado Senate Poll:

    Bennet 53, Glenn 38


    • Voyageur says:

      Great news for Zappy.  His man Bennet rocks!

    • Pseudonymous says:

      This makes me think less about the presidential race and more about the downballot contests.  As was suggested here a couple of days ago, these numbers show that the Senate race isn't linking up super-well with the top line.  With Clinton, IMO, relying on not being TRUMP™ and R candidates starting to side-step their presidential candidate where that matters, it's entirely possible there's not going to be a shift in who people are voting for to send to Capitol Hill.  Absent that, or Rs simply not coming out, taking the Senate is going to be a hard row to hoe.

      I've heard a lot of talk in the media about Clinton "changing the map."  I think it's much more likely that there's just going to be a special Hillary edition of the map, that goes right back to what it was once the crazy man is gone.  Rather than trying to win Georgia or Arizona, I assume in the belief that Hill's pantsuit has coattails, I think Dems might be better served by taking those fat Clinton stacks and shoving them into strong red-to-blue opportunities.

  7. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    I'm surprised that no one around here picked up on the front page headline in Monday's Denver Post.    "Big bucks for education."

    My interest is in the plans by Jeffco's still new school board, since I live in the county. Bond issue to be on the ballot is for $535 million (yes, you heard right). There's also a $33 million mill levy override that will knock my property taxes up by over 10%. In the past couple years, both my auto and homeowners insurance policies have gone up by 15% despite no losses (yes, I use an independent agent who can "shop around" on my behalf). My income has declined slightly.

    If this proposal in Jeffco had been reasonable and common sense oriented, like a bond issue around $150 to 200 million, I would have been inclined to support it. But half a billion plus??  What will I be buying here; counter tops made of the finest Carrara marble and gold plated toilet seats? This is a perfect example of the "black hole" known as K-12 education, despite the importance of education in our society. The education bureaucrats can get as much money as they can, and will still scream poverty and how much they need more money. Tax & spend at its finest.

    I will be voting no on the Jeffco bond issue and mill levy override. Come back in 2018 with something more reasonable.    CHB

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Paying for education, what a concept?   "Gold toilets"? — aye carumba.

      Bet you thought Herr Drumpf came by his "really good brain" from Wharton pro bono?

      You didn't vote "no" on your insurance premium increases?  WWDTD?


      (What would Dagny Taggart do?)

    • mamajama55 says:

      Education funding is front-loading – you don't want to pay for prisons and college remediation later.

      Having written that, some of your cynicism is justified. We've certainly seen these big funding packages go for administrative salaries, consultants, expensive curriculae,  and sports upgrades instead of paying for what we know works in education:

      Lowering class sizes

      Putting more adults (paraprofessionals, teachers, trainers) into the classroom


      The $535 million measure would go toward construction of several new schools, upgrading safety and security in school buildings, and improving 110 elementary, middle and high schools through renovation and repair of plumbing, electrical, lighting and mechanical systems. The money also would equip buildings in the 154-school district with updated technology.

      The bond package would cover the first five-year phase of the $800 million, 12-year facilities master plan that the Jefferson County School District wants to implement to address crowded schools and aging buildings, many of which date back half a century.

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Thank you for your partial agreement; and yes, I did read the whole article. The district tried this 12 years ago with a bond issue that did pass and, imho, did not follow through with what had been proposed. The article further notes that a $384 million bond issue was rejected in 2008 by Jeffco voters and that 3/4 of households in the district do not have kids in the schools. We'll see where this goes, but, according to the article, the size of the proposal is already being questioned.

        DJD: do you live in Jeffco? Are you directly in the education field?

        • mamajama55 says:

          I lived in Jeffco for five years, because Lakewood had the good sense not to sign on to breed-specific legislation, and by that time I owned two rescued pit bull dogs. Most of that five years, I taught in DPS or substitute taught in Jeffco.

          I've been involved in education all my life, really, as a student, a parent and PTA mom, a paraprofessional, an activist, a substitute teacher, and 16 years as a certified English teacher.

    • Voyageur says:

      If you are 65 plus and have lived in your home at least 10 years, chb, be sure to sign up for the Senior citizen tax credit.  It saved me about $600 this year.  I always vote for DPS issues because I have two grandkids in DPS.  Plus the district is reasonably progressive on school reform issues.  Jeffco may be suffering from a backlog from its hijacking by right wing forces.  But on the whole, it has a good faculty and does a decent job.  As they say, if you think education is expensive, wait until you see the price of ignorance.


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