Breaking News in CD-7

Breaking news in CD-7: likely Republican candidate Mark Paschall has shaved his beard! As you know, we at Colorado Pols are fond of the Facial Hair Face-Off, a play on that old political adage that you can’t get elected to office with a moustache (of course, that’s not always true).

So when we heard that Jeffco Treasurer Mark Paschall had shaved his face, we saw that as a good sign that he’s going to enter the race for CD-7, as readers of Colorado Pols already know. But that got us thinking about whether he’s better off with beard or without. We thought we’d let you decide. Take a look at these pictures, then cast your vote: (Like our fancy Andy Warhol-style pictures?)

MP_Beard.gif MP_NoBeard.gif

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[Jason Bane]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, if you’re a man … you should have to sport a beard to even be eligible to be elected to the U.S. House from the 7th CD.



  2. I detect a slight bias there…  Should female candidates be required to sport beards, too?  I can’t see Peggy Lamm with a beard 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    I said, “If you’re a man”.

    I wouldn’t want to see Peggy Lamm with a beard.

  4. phentermine online says:

    The whole facial hair thing drives me totally insane. I am so sick of people who we have all come to rocognize with their beards and mustaches suddenly shaving them off so they can run for higher office. Doug Linkhart did it to run for Denver City Council, Penfield Tate did it to run for Denver Mayor, and now Mark Paschall. All of these men had beards or mustaches originally because they look better with the hair than without (sorry Doug, it’s true).

    As voter, I would be a lot more concerned about the type of laws Mark Paschall will try to pass and how much time and money we will spend we will spend pointing out their unconstitutionality than whether he tickles his wife’s face when he kisses her.

    I fully intend to run for the State House in 2008 and I have a beard. I have no intention of shaving it. I choose to believe the voters in my district at least will be a little more concerned about my views on the issues than my view in the mirror. Besides, I look quite silly without a beard, which is why I grew it in the first place.

  5. Henry says:

    I admire Mark Paschall and his “outside the lines” thinking.  He is preparing for an election run and he shaves his beard….most Republicans, like Coffman and Holtzman, prepare for an election run by acquiring a beard (O’Donnell is still trying to decide).  Go figure…

  6. Who?? says:

    Holtzman doesn’t have a beard.  At least not recently.

  7. Monkey Wrench says:

    Peggy should not shave her legs in response to the bias

  8. muttonchops says:

    When Dave Thomas ran, I urged him to shave.  It’s okay to run in Colorado with facial hair, but it’s a real loser on the national level.

    Less than 10% of the men in the U.S. House have facial hair. 

    From a P.R. standpoint, it’s a “believability” issue.  For many, if you’ve got facial hair, you’ve got something to hide.

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