Libby Szabo(?) Gets Big Stage Speaking Role at GOP Convention

Jefferson County Commissioner Libby Szabo

Jefferson County Commissioner Libby Szabo

Congratulations to Jefferson County Commissioner Libby Szabo…though we can’t even begin to try to explain the logic behind this decision. As Ernest Luning reports for the Colorado Statesman:

The heavy presence of Coloradans on stage could draw attention to the perennial swing state, which was swept by Trump primary rival U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas when Republicans selected delegates to the RNC. One of the speakers — Szabo — is even a Cruz delegate, and Glenn won a five-way Senate primary at the end of June after winning an endorsement from Cruz…

…Szabo, a former House minority leader from Arvada and a delegate to the RNC, said she was stunned when she got the call on Wednesday asking her to speak on Monday night at the convention.

“‘At the real convention, not just at a luncheon or something like that?’” Szabo said she asked the RNC official. “She said, ‘Yeah, on the stage,’ and I said, ‘Well, little Libby’s all grown up,’” Then, after a hearty laugh, Szabo added, “What an opportunity, huh?”

This is a tremendous opportunity for Szabo, who apparently isn’t quite sure herself how she ended up being selected for a main stage speaking role at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. After all, Szabo is barely a household name in her own home.

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  1. doremi says:

    Could it be that they couldn't find anyone else?

  2. Davie says:

    At this point, the selection criteria is down to:

    1. Are they already in Cleveland?

    2. Do they have a pulse?

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      GOP Convention Rules Committee – July 14, 2016, speaker selection revisions:

      1.  Lack of enough intelligence to avoid being in Cleveland is sufficient.

      2.  The requirement of having a pulse is hereby waived.

      3. Tebow? Sure. Glenn? Him too. Tancredo? Doesn’t seem to be answering his phone.

  3. flatiron says:

    Will she lament the Jeffco recall? Or tout the musical chairs of Jeffco govt leadership?

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