Could we all agree to ignore Nancy’s posts? She is a truly ignorant and a sad person.

I love blogging on POLS, I really do.  I love the back and forth and I love reading your opinions and how you came to believe what you do.

People like Nancy are ruining the threads and we are letting them do it.  Our thoughtful threads are now filled with Hitler comparisons and arguing that Barack is Muslim and born in Kenya – this is not worth our collective intellect.  And it makes reading the threads difficult.

This may very well be the strategy, (or is a tactic) of this one person that is clearly sjintheknow, Nancy Baldwin and a host of other names.  

All of you that post here, whether I agree or not, are thoughtful, well sometimes, but we  debate our true beliefs.  I love that.

I am asking all of you to completely ignore her posts – no recipes, no comments, although, the FUCK YOU  (in caps)from Go Blue was classic.

Please, let’s keep our house the way we like it, filled with people who are here to learn, debate and occasionally call each other names!

We have given her enough of our time.  She could have by now been a thoughtful piece of the conversation, but she has chosen to be stupid, hateful and not factual.  

Let’s get back to picking on Laughing Boy, asking Danny to explain WTF is happening on Wall St, beating David up for frontpaging too many posts on candiates you don’t support and telling Bob EE-WEE-GUN he works for the wrong paper.

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  1. Dabee47 says:

    WLJ, we don’t always see things the same way, but I couldn’t possibly agree more here.

    In the words of Chris Crocker, “Leave Nancy Alone!”  🙂

  2. Barron X says:


    how does that work again ?

    You know that gets her bonus points, don’t you ?


  3. Ray Springfield says:

    it’s obvious, and McCain is desperate

  4. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    I felt the temptation to put up an FU this morning for Nancy after her idiotic post about taxing Wall St. losses, but I am not going to dignify her crap with responses anymore.

  5. Go Blue says:

    I’m just going to ignore the foul creature. As I said in my comment, she’s just not worth it.

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