“He’s not a maverick. He’s a mimic.”

Hillary Clinton went on the attack today while filling in for Joe Biden.

Clinton said Biden called and asked her to fill in for him because of the family emergency. Rather than sharing her thoughts, she said, “I want to share with you the eloquent remarks that Joe had prepared.”

Clinton sought to tie McCain to Bush, saying the Arizona senator offered voters “more of the same.”

“He’s not a maverick. He’s a mimic,” she said

Americans cannot afford four more years of the same. Americans cannot afford John McCain.

Go to JohnMcCainRecord.com for more information.

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  1. kstrait says:

    You get 0 liberal-toad points for originality.  

    If a person was to go the the Daily KOS they can see pretty much the same layout that you have posted her so many times.  Why should one want to read your posting when they can get the updates sooner on the liberal website you copy and paste from.

    Here’s one you forgot from your own source of information.

    • Go Blue says:

      I’ve been two years. You’ve been here a few days. Your vial racists and repetitive attacks here on pathetic. Please stop.

      • kstrait says:

        All have the right to post here on Colorado Pols.  I may not see the same as you but I do have a right to post my views here also because this site is not only Liberal Democrats.  

        And, how dare you call me racist just because of these differences.  Do your homework my friend before you acuse.  You do not even know me.  I would never assume that you are racist just because of your postings unless you, yourself, were deragatory towards me or any other person that is not of your cultural stature.

        Therefore, look before you leap.

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