A Special Message from Sarah Palin

Everyone agrees that Palin is dragging the McCain ticket down. From Palin’s platitudes without any real intellectual curiosity of the issues to her history of corruption, it’s well established that Palin is completely unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, which in turn makes McCain unqualified to be President. But who is better to get this point across than David Letterman.  

A special message from Sarah Palin

And Letter’s top 10 messages on Palin’s answering machine.

Perhaps McCain’s dumbest mistake of this campaign was pissing off Letterman!

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  1. Go Blue says:

    But if the McCain in it’s panicked state wants to continue down the road of mismanagement and incompetence, take Grahams advice and unleash Palin now!

    Graham, who has traveled the world with McCain and knows him as well as anyone, was more forthcoming when I put the question to him. “I think they thought she needed time for briefings on the issues that were new to her,” he said. But then he added: “This campaign will go down in history as stupid if they don’t unleash her now.”

    Please unleash the mavericky Palin now!

  2. united123 says:

    Letterman has seen his better days a decade ago. He needs to leave now before Conan hits his time slot and sadly puts him out to pasture.

    His audience is all asleep at 8:30 anyway.

    If Palin is unqualified to be VP after running a state then how can Obama be qualifed after doing nothing.

    She has been a leader not just a follower. I agree she is not as worldly as Biden but neither is Obama. She has been running a state not just running her mouth. She is REAL. The first real person to actually run for the Presidency in 100 years.

    She does not come from wealth or have a connected politcal family, she does not have supporters from Hollywood (we know they are all out of touch)or large corporations. She is just an average working mom. She is in-touch with real problems. She and Todd only made $166k last year and support 5 children.

    She is smart and will learn quickly all the nuances of Washington politics but the others can not learn her hometown values and common sense approach to doing the right thing for America.

    Presidents pick Cabinets becuase they are not and can not be experts on all subject areas.

    One thing you can count on with Sarah, is that every decision she will make will be for her childrens sake just like every Mom in the world.

    We need a woman in the white house who can bring a different perspective that no man can ever bring. She will never make a decision that will harm her children or yours.

  3. redstateblues says:

    Rotting corpse.

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