The Colorado Ballot Initiative Guide

Ok, if you have a spare 4 hours there is the State’s 71 page Blue Book.

Or if you want just the essentials of each, carefully and dispassionately evaluated, below the fold is a link to a short summation of each initiative. You can also go to Colorado Ballot for this information.

Vote Yes! A-58 The most important Initiative

Economic success for our children depends in virtually all cases on their gaining a college degree. This requires making college affordable (A-58).

At present Higher-Ed funding is so tight that many students must forgo College because they cannot afford it. This is sentencing them to a life of economic poverty.

If we don’t adequately fund education in this state, then we sentence ourselves to fall behind not just other parts of this country, but behind the Chinese, Indians, and others who are adequately funding education.

Our future economic success requires the passage of Amendment 58.

Each amendment was reviewed with the following priorities:

  1. A robust growing economy is essential for today and tomorrow. If the economy is strong the state has increased funds and reduced demands and can then meet more needs.
  2. Comprehensive education through College is essential for our future. Our future is defined by how well we educate our students.
  3. We should propose amendments not as a first step, but only as a last resort. Amendments that are pet projects the legislature turned down should be rejected, regardless of how much we agree with them.

Click on the link for a short summation along with the pros & cons of each initiative:

46: Eliminate affirmative action

47: Right to freeload

48: Outlaw abortion

49: Eliminate public employee unions

50: Increase gambling

51: Increased funding for the disabled

52: Lock in I-70 funding

53: Criminalize management incompetence (withdrawn)

54: Ban some from the political process

55: Prohibit firing employees (withdrawn)

56: Require health insurance coverage  (withdrawn)

57: Companies liable for any injury (withdrawn)

58: Increase funding for Higher-Ed

59: Increase funding for K-12 schools

L: Lower candidate age

M&N: Eliminate obsolete items

O: Improve the initiative process

Update: The no on 58 group claims that students will just waste this money on beer. The Oil & Gas companies would rather keep this money for hookers and blow.


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  1. Natural Wonder says:

    Barack Obama-Biden endorsed HSUS McCain-Palin

    McCain-Palin scoriated. Barack Obama-Biden endorsed by the Humane Society for the United States.

    Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option for us.

    If Palin is put in a position to succeed McCain, it could mean rolling back decades of progress on animal issues.

    I’m proud to announce today that the HSLF board of directors-which is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans-has voted unanimously to endorse Barack Obama for President. The Obama-Biden ticket is the better choice on animal protection, and we urge all voters who care about the humane treatment of animals, no matter what their party affiliation, to vote for them.

    Voters who care about protecting wildlife from inhumane and unsporting abuses, enforcing the laws that combat large-scale cruelties like dogfighting and puppy mills, providing humane treatment of animals in agriculture, and addressing other challenges that face animals in our nation, must become active over the next six weeks to elect a president and vice president who share our values. Please spread the word, and tell friends and family members that an honest assessment of the records of the two presidential tickets leads to the inescapable conclusion that Obama-Biden is the choice for humane-minded voters.

    Paid for by Humane Society Legislative Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

    Read the entire article here [ yes, there is a lot more….]

  2. Libertad says:

    Government employees have demonstrated that Right-to-Work can work for all Coloradans.

    1. Unions have not been destroyed.

    2. Many, many, many choose to join the Union and pay Union dues.

    3. Employees have the freedom to choose.

    This basic human right of self-determination enables employees fully values these workers and has made Unions even stronger.

  3. waltzeswithdog says:

    Without Tabor reform, the state is doomed!  not only helps education, but also the entire rest of the budget, including higher ed which will be the first to get cut without this.  Support 59!

  4. Thorntondem says:

    No on 46. We need to encourage female and minority businesses.

    No on 47,48,49,54. These amendments are anti worker and anti hard working families and pro greed.

    No on 52. need a comprehensive approach to transportation Not this amendment.

    53,55,56,57 Have been withdrawn. These amends will still be on the ballot but the votes for or against will not count.

    Yes on 50. This is a no brainer. This funds Community Colleges without raising taxes. If you choose to bet $100 in Blackhawk it should be your choice.

    Yes on 51. We need to increase funding for the disabled.

    Yes on 58 and 59. See posts on pols.

  5. vercingetrix says:

    Nothing but a transparent ploy to cut funding for unions while legally forcing them to represent those benefiting from the unions’ efforts.  By not being able to recoup the costs of negotiating for the non-unions worker’s benefits, higher wages, etc…, the unions eventually lose money and power, making their jobs virtually impossible.

    End result – working families’ wages eventually stagnate and drop, and benefits like health care, pension plans, etc.. erode.

    If we want to keep the economy in CO strong by helping  working families, vote “NO” on 47.  

  6. ClubTwitty says:

    On #58

    Amendment 58: No – Minerals severance tax hike to fund scholarships and enviro projects. This would eliminate the existing state tax credit that oil and gas developers get for severance taxes they already pay to counties. It’s double taxation that would discourage production while passing the tax on to consumers.

    To the Grand Old (Corrupted) Party eliminating a $300 million dollar tax-funded subsidy flowing the the world’s richest industry currently poking more wells in Colorado than ever before, on top of 7 record years before that, is ‘double taxation.’

    Rosen needs to get out of his cushy little office and visit the Western Slope, which he seems happy to consign to the status of energy colony.  

    PS-the leaves and fall colors are beautiful out here right now Mike, and you might actually learn something.  Don’t forget to wear your hunter orange, though, we’d hate to see a mishap.

  7. waltzeswithdog says:

    David, I hope you are right that it will pass comfortably.  On what do you base that statment?  Is there some polling you have seen?  I am worried about it, just because it is soooo important, and because of ballot fatigue.  

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