The Facts About Barack Obama’s Record:

Barack Obama Voted Against Providing $94.4 Billion In Critical Funding For The Troops In Iraq And Afghanistan. (H.R. 2206, CQ Vote #181: Passed 80-14: R 42-3; D 37-10; I 1-1, 5/24/07, Obama Voted Nay)

Barack Obama Voted Against The Emergency War Spending “After Pledging To Support Troop Funding.” “After pledging to support troop funding, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama in May voted against $124 billion in emergency war spending, following the lead of Democratic presidential candidate and war opponent Sen. Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut. The bill nevertheless passed in a lopsided 80-14 vote. Mr. Biden, the only Democratic presidential contender in the Senate to vote for the bill, criticized his primary rivals for allowing liberal bloggers to dictate the war debate.” (S.A. Miller, “GOP To Play Card Of Strong Defense,” The Washington Times, 7/9/07)

Joe Biden Criticized Barack Obama For Voting Against The Troop Funding

Joe Biden: “My Colleagues Voted Against The Funding To Make A Political Point … There’s No Political Point Worth My Son’s Life. There’s No Political Point Worth Anyone’s Life.” (Abby Simons, “Biden Blasts Rivals For Votes Against Iraq Money,” The Des Moines Register, 8/15/07)

Joe Biden Attacked Fellow Democrats For Voting Against Funding U.S. Troops In Iraq And Afghanistan, Accusing Them Of “Cutting Off Support That Will Save The Lives Of Thousands Of American Troops.” BIDEN: “Hundreds of lives are being saved and will be saved by us sending these vehicles over which we are funding with this supplemental legislation. And I want to ask any of my other colleagues, would they, in fact, vote to cut off the money for those troops to protect them? That’s the right question. This isn’t cutting off the war. This is cutting off support that will save the lives of thousands of American troops.” (NBC’s, “Meet The Press,” 9/9/07)

Just imagine how many more times Joe will have to tell Barack he is wrong.  

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  1. Go Blue says:

    First diary you call Biden and liar, and the next you use his words against someone? Just goes to show how pathetic McCain is with all his CONCERN TROLLS!!!!

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