Bailout passes; new era in politics begins.


Used to be, lobbyists would bribe our “representatives” with cash and gifts.

But what did that get them ?  A $2 million earmark here, a $4 million sole source contract there.  That was the old way that our government connived with our enemies to enrich themselves.

We’ve entered a new paradigm.

In 2002, defense contractors provided the Administration with “evidence” of Iraqi nuclear and chemical and biological weapons (what might be called “allegations” in a court of law) and Bush stampeded the Congress to support a war of aggression.

OK, it was an “emergency.”

In 2008, the high finance industry concocts evidence that Americans will have to pay their bills, after all …

you mean that wasn’t free money when I refinanced the house to buy a couple of jet skis ? …

and the Congress gets rolled again.  

Another “emergency,” another $1 Trillion.

In 2009, expect the following crises:  


*****Monsanto produces evidence that al-Qaeda has poisoned the nation’s seed corn, and the US Government passes a law giving Monsanto $2 Trillion to save us.  

*****GE produces evidence that the Chinese have a machine, installed somewhere off the coast of Africa, that starts Tropical Depressions that end up as Hurricanes devastating our Gulf and Atlantic coasts.  Congress begs GE to build a Hurricane Fence all along our shore, at a price of $5 Trillion.  Like the “virtual fence” along our border with Mexico, built by DOD contractors, it is also invisible, but trust us, its there, and its working 24/7 to protect us.

*****BP or Chevron “discovers” that the Iranians have developed an enzyme that eats refined petroleum products, turning them into sand, and offers, for $10 Trillion, to inoculate every pipeline and storage tank.  For another $80, you can protect your own gas tank.  

*****MacAfee reveals that the Russian Mafia is holding a computer virus that will reset all computer clocks to 31 December 1999.  Only this time, the virus also tampers with computer processors so that the Y2K threat really materializes.  But not to worry, they can install filters on the Internet to block the propagation of the virus for a measly $15 Trillion.  


Now, our highly intelligent elected representatives won’t believe any of these scams.  But they will vote to pay for them with your money, which pretty soon won’t be worth very much.

Its a brave, new world.


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