GJ Sentinel: No on 47

(Delightful troll bait – promoted by Colorado Pols)

The GJ Sentinel has just posted their editorial for tomorrow: ‘No’ on Amend. 47:

We believe people should have the right to choose whether they belong to a labor union or pay dues to a union, but we have several problems with Amendment 47, which would enshrine those rights in the Colorado Constitution.

First, it sets too broad a definition of labor unions, possibly including even groups that promote workplace safety or job-related education, according to the Blue Book analysis of the measure.

…Additionally, even information supplied by supporters of Amendment 47 shows Colorado ranks in the top five states in the country for its business-friendly atmosphere. Clearly, existing labor laws aren’t a deterrence to business in this state.

That could change drastically, however, thanks to the labor backlash generated when 28-year-old Jonathan Coors – a member of the brewing family and an executive at CoorsTek in Golden – put the Amendment 47 campaign together.

…With or without such an agreement, we believe Coloradans should vote against Amendment 47 and all four of the labor ballot measures. Then perhaps we can return to sensible discussions about labor laws and not engage in dueling ballot measures that amount to mutually assured destruction of our business and worker rights.

No more after the fold…Have at it Libertad.

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  1. donnatella says:

    I never thought I’d agree with the GJ Sentinel.

    …And while we’re at it, no on 46, 48, 49 and 54. (And what else?)

    Let’s just go no on pretty much everything this year. Our state constitution shouldn’t be a test balloon for special interest initiatives.  

      • Libertad says:

        This counters the Boulder Daily Camera’s Vote YES on 47 editorial and as I have said before most could give three turds about the conspiring unions, politicians, and corporations that partner to destroy peoples rights. Therefore, its YES on 47, 49, and 54.

        Further it sets up the GJS to strenuously support Right-to-Work after the labor union terrorists destroy Colorado or as the Obamians attempt to institute card check.

        Remember, you only need 50% + 1 to win.

        • Go Blue says:

          Seriously. Did you just call hard working Americans terrorists? WTF is wrong with you? YOU truly are apart of the blame America first crowd.  

          • Libertad says:

            I think LB first came out with ballot terrorists or union economic terrorists. Needless to say it sure has caught on as a catch phrase.

            Which reminds me of the total lack of consistency in the unions position — their purpose to give workers a voice.

            Let workers choose: Giving workers a voice is the purpose of unions

            Some say the best thing about the measure is that it will make Colorado more competitive because businesses will want to locate here — but that, too often, is a line touted by the union-busting crowd.

            We think the best thing about this particular measure is its potential to make unions, when needed, better. Happy, well-compensated workers with good benefits who are treated fairly aren’t tempted by, nor do they seek out, unions. And when they do, the unions provide a balance that the government and the courts do not.

            The upshot for workers under Amendment 47 is that once the unions are in place, the lack of a guaranteed membership means the unions will have to continue to deliver on their promises in order to thrive.

            The Camera supports Amendment 47.

        • Libertad says:

          Oct 1 — The Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance officially endorsed Amendment 47, the Colorado Right to Work Amendment.

          NCLA’s member organizations, Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley chambers of commerce and the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation, ratified NCLA’s support position and are supporting the pro-freedom ballot measure that will be on the statewide November ballot.

          “After a thorough review of Amendment 47, it became clear that we should endorse it for the good of Colorado’s workers and its economy,” said Sandra Hagen Solin of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance. “It gives every worker in Colorado a fundamental freedom we all deserve, and it represents a needed component to get our economy moving in the right direction.”

          Brian Willms, President of the Loveland  Chamber of Commerce, added: “It’s very apparent that Amendment 47 will be on the ballot in November. After thoughtful discussion, it also became very apparent that we should endorse the measure. It’s proworker, it’s pro-business and it’s pro-economy. Our endorsement of Amendment 47 is an endorsement of a strong future for Colorado.”

          • Libertad says:

            Oct 1 — The Denver-based Hispanic Contractors of Colorado is the largest contracting association in Colorado representing minorities, women and small businesses.

            “The Hispanic Contractors are excited to endorse the Right to Work Amendment,” said Executive Director Helga Grunerud. “With it comes the freedom to choose for every worker, more job options for every worker, and more opportunity for our small businesses. Amendment 47 deserves a yes vote.”

            The Associated General Contractors of Colorado has more than 300 member firms across Colorado and represents both union and non-union shops. Its members complete 70 percent of commercial building in Colorado.

            “Amendment 47 is important to help create a strong job-attracting economy in Colorado, to provide employers with flexibility to manage their workforce and to allow employees to choose which organizations they belong to,” said Michael Gifford, the executive director of the Associated General Contractors of Colorado.

            The Grand Junction Area Chamber endorsement came last week.

            “The Grand Junction Area Chamber has been a proponent of right to work for over twenty years,” said Diane Schwenke, the executive director. “We think that it’s a basic freedom for citizens and employees to individually choose what organizations they belong to and support financially.”

        • tallport says:

          What a joke.  You could care less about “peoples rights”.  You just care about your party and your dying ideology.  Vote No on 47, 49 and 54 and yes on 53 and 55.  Let’s bring about some balance between people and Wall street.  

  2. Go Blue says:

    Did I wake up in bizarro-world? Someone pinch me. The Sentinel?

    • Libertad says:

      Dean “the Unionbuster” Singleton and his whipping boy Dan Haley are at it again. We all saw this coming. — Go Blue

      • bob ewegen says:

        On Oct. 1, he predicts The Denver Post “might say yes” on Amendment 49.

        What insight. He must be relying on secret information from Jonathan Coors…who may have actually read the Sept. 29 Denver Post editorial endorsing Amendment 49!

         Come on, Libertine, tell us your secret source! What next — will you predict the Japanese might attack Pearl Harbor?

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