Adding to our economic troubles

As if the credit crisis is not enough, there is no agreement to withdraw any of the 7 “pox on both your houses” initiatives. From the Denver Post

Business leaders today said negotiations with organized labor have ended without an agreement that would have removed four union-backed measures from the November statewide ballot.

Labor officials have until Thursday to withdraw their measures, but business leaders issued a press release suggesting that there would be no more discussions.

Way to go all – lets take an economy in trouble and try to make things 1,000 times worse. The people behind each of these better pray they fail because any that pass will be hated once people see their impact.

ps – Kudos to the business leaders who worked very hard trying to find a way out of this.

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  1. Jambalaya says:

    …but you offer no similar praise for the labor folks?

    • No Way Jose says:

      It appears that some in the labor community worked very, very hard to come to an agreement.

      • DavidThi808 says:

        Yes Coors/Caldera started it and labor just responded in kind. But saying ok, you want to screw Colorado’s economy, we’ll screw it even worse is not a terribly comendable response.

        And the proposal to drop the 4 initiatives in turn for cash struck me as awfully close to a buy-off. Again, I understand the approach but it definitely feels yucky.

        • bob ewegen says:

          had a hilarious and long-running gig in his Louisiana Progress on the difference between a bribe and shakedown.  (a long foe had been accused of offering a bribe and claimed he had been the victim of a shakedown.)

           I gotta admit this long saga of blackmail/extortion evoked the memory of bribe and shakedown to me.

          _T. Harry Williams  Huey Long has samples of the bribe/shakedown cartoons, two identical twin babies following the long foe around. Wonderful book, won Williams the Pulitzer.

        • Jambalaya says:

          …you didn’t express similiarly “mixed feelings” about the business leaders.  Hmmmmm

          • DavidThi808 says:

            The business community didn’t propose any initiatives. They have throughout tried to get everyone to withdraw these job killers. Yes they have offered to pay blackmail, but they have not tried to blackmail anyone.

            So yes, kudos to them.

            • bob ewegen says:

              The singular form is: Kudos.

              Ahh, the things you learn in a misspent youth.

            • Jambalaya says:

              …that’s quite a shocker.  So, I guess you’ve defined “business community” as “those who didn’t propose any initiatives.”  Given that definition, your position makes sense…kudos to you!

              • bob ewegen says:

                in any sense of the term, any more than The Bell is.  

                • Jambalaya says:

                  …I notice you didn’t mention him.

                  …as to Caldara, I don’t agree.

                  • bob ewegen says:

                    And Caldara? What business does he operate?

                    Gravel? Manganese futurers? What, he sells a product and meets a payroll? What product? I don’t care whether you agree or not, your assertion is just foolish. By your definition, every ideologue is a member of the business community. But what part of “community” and /or “business” don’t you understand? You have a distressing habit of making silly statements then rambling on and on in defense of them instead of just moving on.  

                    • Jambalaya says:

             easily you fly off the handle… case you’re curious about any distressing habits you may possess.

              • DavidThi808 says:

                The blowback from A-47 pretty much will cause most business leaders to view Coors as a problem, not an associate. They’ll still be polite but the potential damage from all of this has pretty much ended the reign of the Coors family as the first family of business here in Colorado.

                • Jambalaya says:

                  …he proposed this initiative but not after?  Yep, you’ve officially adopted the frivolous definition that I mentioned earlier.  According to you, “business community” means “those who have not proposed an initiative.”  This def. allows you to keep pure your view of the business community because, by your definition, they can do no wrong.

                  • DavidThi808 says:

                    has historically been considered by many to be the first family of business. And they held a lot of sway when they were running Coors as it was one of the largest locally owned businesses.

                    Their influence has dropped after they were no longer running the firm. And now with this even more so.

                    With that said, the “business community” is not a monolith. I own most of a business yet I’m not a member of the Chamber of Commerce or any of the other business organizations. And most of the other CEOs I know are running high-tech startups.

                    I probably have more in common with you than the Coors family.

  2. Libertad says:

    a deal will be cut.

    These well known well-heeled business leaders will be successful in handing over millions of dollars to labor unions.

  3. Disinterested17 says:

    is unfortunate to own a small business with 27 employees.  He’s been working with a bus organization attorney to determine if he’ll 1) need to lay off several employees to miss the healthcare requirement cut (it would put him under), 2) be able to break his company into two distinct organizations that synergize to avoid the deathblow, or 3) move his business to Cheyenne, Bozeman or Ogden.

    This is a Colorado native who has never lived outside our borders getting run on out the state.  What a reward for innovation, love those unions and their wealth redistribution grab!!!

    • DavidThi808 says:

      We could change our health insurance some and I would blame the unions for creating a plan they like less. But Just Cause is killer for us – we’ll probably have to split in two also. Or maybe switch a bunch of people to contract labor.

      And either way, it’s a lousy hit on morale and productivity. Tell your brother I feel his pain.

  4. Laughing Boy says:

    DO you think the “poison pill” amendments are a good idea?

    Should one vote for them, based on their own merit?

    • Libertad says:

      Always accusin’ people of being wingers.

      What does s/he think about these “well heeled” businessmen, labor bosses and politicians that are attempting to buy off Union supported ballot measures in return for cold hard cash?

      Can you imagine the story had business put RTW on the ballot to counter the Unions minimum wage constitutional measure from 2006?

      Imagine businesses demanding $6 million in return for pulling RTW and using it to oppose the minimum wage amendment?

      These conspiring crooks have sold their souls to the devil. Non should be trusted.

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