Bailout My Student Loans

I am a college graduate, with a degree in Political Science, and I am currently getting my Masters Degree. Therefore, I am asking the federal government to bail me out of my student loan obligations.

I figure if we are going to bailout every thing else that has to do with credit, I would really like one myself. I work hard. I worked for my education and still do so to this day. I am a true American, and I figure I am worthy of a bail out. A total forgiveness of my debt would be very nice. It would lift this burden off my back, and will let me be more prosperous.

Now, doesn’t that sound ridiculous?! Well that is what our government is currently doing right now. They are going to bailout stupidity for the sake of their electoral sanity. They care more about what the retard that purchased a loan they knew they couldn’t pay thinks, for the sake of their vote.

Our government is in the process of socializing our economy. Rather, what we really need is a dramatic cut in the size of our government. It has gotten to big, and we are seeing that unfold right before our eyes. We are spending out of control, and with a $700 Billion bailout, our national debt is going to take a hit, and that burden will be up to future generations to take care of.

The time to act is now, and we need a leader who will stand up to the plate, and save our Republic. Liberty must thrive here. That is the only way to solve this crisis.


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  1. redstateblues says:

    The stupidity that led the way was deregulation.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    …buying beer to help the economy expand.

  3. ohwilleke says:

    They are not discharagable in bankruptcy, absent extraordinary circumstances.

    But they can be consolidated into loans directly from the federal government without financial intermediaries at very low, tax deductible interest rates (mine are about 3.35% interest).  They are also cancelled upon death, and have among the most flexible payment term options found anywhere in commercial lending.  For example, they generous payment deferments and have payment plans such as an income contingent payment plan.

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