Aurora fifth grader suspended for Anti-Obama shirt

The Denver Post reports:

AURORA, Colo.-A fifth-grader in the Denver suburb of Aurora says he’s been suspended from school for wearing a homemade T-shirt that said “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend.”

Eleven-year-old Daxx Dalton and his father, Dann Dalton, say his First Amendment rights were violated.

Aurora Public Schools officials say they respect students’ free speech rights but also watch for things that might interrupt the learning environment. They say they can’t discuss the specifics of Daxx’s case.

Daxx says he was given a choice of changing his shirt, turning it inside-out or being suspended, and he chose suspension.

Dann Dalton told KDVR-TV in Denver he’s considering a lawsuit.

I am an Obama supporter and an ACLU member and I believe this student’s rights were violated.  His shirt featured nothing obscene or disruptive.  If the ACLU does not get involved in this case, I am not renewing my membership.  

Should 11-year-old Daxx Dalton have been allowed to wear his anti-Obama shirt at school?

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  1. redstateblues says:

    like the school screwed up.

    That shirt is pretty tasteless for an 11-year old though.

    • NEWSMAN says:

      If it was a Colorado Springs area school, that shirt would have been grounds for being sent home in several local school districts.

      “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend.”

      While I see the basis for the slogan, I can’t say I can agree with it. The fact that Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and  Fidel Castro have all endorsed or made supportive statements about desiring Barrack Obama does not directly translate to Obama being a terrorists best friend.

      Besides, everyone knows the ACLU is a terrorists best friend. 🙂

  2. Middle of the Road says:

    But I do have to wonder about the parents–what self respecting human being lets his fourth grader walk out the door wearing something like that?  

  3. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    “Bong hits for Jesus” anyone?

    I disagreed with that supreme court decision, but schools are basically allowed to censor.

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