Sweatshop Udall’s Finance Ethics Questioned

Wait, wtf?

More dirty money flowing into the Udall campaign, says Ben DeGrow

What about Susie Tompkins-Buell?

[Tompkins-Buell’s company] Esprit de Corp. was found by the National Labor Relations Board to have illegally interrogated and intimidated $2-an-hour Chinese workers, and then to have shut down a factory to keep them from unionizing. The Department of Labor found that an Esprit contractor doctored payroll records and refused to pay overtime.

Tompkins-Buell – whose “sweatshop” problems were detailed at length in the far-Left Nation magazine on May 16, 1994 – later sold Esprit for millions of dollars, which she now uses as a prominent Democratic Party fundraiser.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, Susie Tompkins-Buell and her husband Mark Buell each gave $2,300 to Mark Udall’s campaign on June 19, 2007. Both Tompkins-Buell and her husband list San Francisco as their residence. Also on June 19, the Udall campaign took in nearly $50,000 from a series of San Francisco area contributors – his largest one-day California take in all of 2007. On May 31, 2007 – 19 days before all the funds poured in – the Udall campaign reported paying Tompkins-Buell $972.50 for “event personnel.”

So was the retired “sweatshop” owner Susie Tompkins-Buell not only giving thousands to the Mark Udall campaign, but also organizing a $50,000 fundraiser for him? It sure looks that way.

And the Mark Udall campaign has the audacity to say what?

“Bob Schaffer may be the most ethically challenged candidate ever to run for office in Colorado,” [Udall spokeswoman Tara] Trujillo said. “When Jack Abramoff’s candidate rattles off about campaign contributions, he’s getting really desperate.”

More ethically challenged than Mark Udall, taking and keeping money from Jack Abramoff, Norman Hsu, Charlie Rangel, and Susie Tompkins-Buell? Puh-lease.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    And it ain’t Udall.

    [cough] marianas islands [cough]

  2. Go Blue says:

    The Anti-American Worker Ben DeGrow who works for that “thunk tank” independence institute has something to say against American workers.  

  3. JeffcoBlue says:

    This is horrible. What’s even worse is how Udall went to China to “investigate” these factory abuses (from a parasail), then came back and defended the sweatshops from intense Congressional inquiry, helped get that awful sweatshop profiteer elected Governor of China, and on top of all that told the Denver Post THIS YEAR how those sweatshops are a “model” for America.

    Oh sorry, I mean Saipan, not China, and Bob Schaffer, not Mark Udall. My bad, but yeah, what a scumbag.

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