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“Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.”

–Peter Drucker

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  1. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Dems in need of Indictment

    "The other problem is that Hillary won't die easily. The lesson of 2008 makes that clear when months after it was clear she was going to lose the nomination, she still ran and Obama at one point said, 'when will this woman go home?'" Morris says. "That's a question everybody is going to be asking and until she actually gets rid of her delegates and says, 'I'm finished' and steps out, you can't move on."

    "No quiet persuasion is going to work. What will work is if she gets indicted."

    Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/dick-morris-democrats-panic-emails/2015/08/17/id/670540/#ixzz3jAYRxk00 

  2. James Dodd says:

    I ran across the following post which some of you might find interesting.  It is brief description of the concept of the "Job Guarantee" within Modern Monetary Theory.  The end of the post includes links to more comprehensive articles on the subject for those who might want to know more.

    Why Bernie Sanders Should Add a Job Guarantee to His Policy Agenda

    • mamajama55 says:

      I like the job guarantee concept, and I think it is do-able and necessary. I would want it to include partnerships with quality child care and elder care providers. When I was a young single mother, lack of quality day care kept me from accepting well-paid work.

      *Only two income households can afford to pay for infant care. If there isn't a reliable grandparent or relative around, the working single parent is S O L.

      *There aren't many high quality preschool programs around – and conservatives like to cut preschool and full day kindergarten programs out of school budgets, even though these are also the best guarantee of better test scores later on. One of the best programs I found, that both my kids spent years in, was the Career Education Center's day care center that trained high schoolers in childhood development. A job guarantee program would also pay them for the training.

      *Family day care is a crapshoot – I don't know how many "home day care" places I checked, only to find an unemployed guy snoozing on the couch with the TV blaring, the provider smoking, 5 or 6 kids running around, and the provider wanting to get paid in advance.

      *For elder and disabled care, this is also a growing problem – we have aging parents, disabled relatives, all of whom tend to periodically need intensive looking after. Existing institutions ( the VA, Medicare, private nursing and assisted living places) just can't meet the demand.

  3. Zappatero says:

    what with the 27 1/2 Idiots running for the Republican presidential nomination, about all AC and any paid dups like him can hope for is indictments. 

    I'll take Bernie or Hillary or Biden any time, any day, any legal status over every one of their Ignorant and Incompetent and Hateful 8's.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      AC does have a point. While an indictment is a real long shot (indicted for what and by whom?), she is facing the "torture of a thousand cuts."  We should all check back in after January 1. But I am beginning to wonder just how viable her candidacy is. She really needs something to serve as a breakthrough for her, to distract attention away from the continual buzz about her e-mails.

      One can tell that things are getting "edgy" in the Dem camp when Al Gore starts getting some name mention.    

      As for "ignorant, incompetent, hateful," John Kasich does have some good things to offer.     C.H.B.

      • mamajama55 says:

        Kasich is the best of the R bunch on the issues, but basically I'm with Zap – I'll take any D any day.

        Kasich doesn't deny climate change science, but isn't embracing renewables, and doesn't want the EPA to regulate emissions. He wants to give undocumented workers legal status, but probably not a path to citizenship. He wants to ban abortion after 20 weeks, but not all abortions everywhere.

        Get the picture?

        Here's a treat for the Blue Cat – Kasich is just slightly to the right of Obama.

        There's a lot of buzz about Carly Fiorina being tapped for Veep, since she did well in the debates, but her moment of decency in embracing Islamic cultural contributions back in 2001 may doom her candidacy. That,  and she was a terrible CEO.

        • FrankUnderwood says:

          In other words, he's a moderate (or what passes as a moderate in that party). But I agree with you:  I've always thought he was the best out of the 17 running. Which is why they will not nominate him.


      • BlueCat says:

        But, of course, the 21st century GOP being what it is today, Kasich has no shot so…..

        Do agree that HRC gets more problematic every day, nothing short of an indictment will stop her and we aren't going to be getting one of those. She's a perfect example of why we need to get unlimited big money out of our politics. She isn't inevitable because of any great swelling of public support since her loss in 2008 but because the Clinton juggernaut has spent every waking hour since then cornering the big money market and eliminating the hopes of any would be competition in preparation for 2016.

        Like McCain and Romney in the past, HRC is a top down ordained candidate whose turn it's supposed to be. Primaries may have replaced the old smoke filled rooms but PACs and corporations as people are those smoke filled rooms reborn.  

        Also, as with the typical "my turn" uninspiring Republican candidates of the past, as most recently exemplified by McCain and Romney, I still have no idea what HRC's vision is aside from a vision of herself as President, in her case a history making first female President. If there's anything else she wants passionately for her country and its people, I must have missed it.

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