Markey Leads Musgrave by 9 Points

According to poll results released by EMILY’s List (which has been less than effective in Colorado in recent elections, but nevertheless…), Democrat Betsy Markey leads Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave in CD-4 by a surprisingly strong 47-38 margin:

Not only do a majority give her negative job performance ratings (31% positive, 55% negative), they don’t like her very much.  The number who offer her favorable ratings (40%) is equal to those who say they do not like her (40%).  Making her struggle more difficult, twice the number of Coloradans have “very unfavorable” (34%) than “very favorable” (17%) impressions of the incumbent.

Despite the Republican registration advantage in this district, Musgrave is currently running behind Markey right now.  In fact, Markey enjoys a nine-digit lead over her opponent and she pulls in 47% of the vote, making her a strong contender against her opponent.  Less than one in five (15%) are undecided.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    when I see it on 11/4. Until then, I am totally unconvinced that a Democrat (even a fiscally conservative one like Betsy) could possibly win by a margin larger than 5%.

  2. Republican 36 says:

    Congressman Musgrave is in a very weak position.

  3. One Queer Dude says:

       This is an improvement over the 7 pt. lead she had in the last poll.

      I attribute it to Musty’s desperate and pathetic tactics combined with the fact that CD 4 voters are starting to see Musgrave for what she really is.

  4. rdosser says:

    Got an URL for that?

  5. abraham says:

    Not sure I have much confidence in either of these pollsters.  However I do believe that Markey has a narrow edge over Musgrave – probably close to the margin of error.

    I assume that the Musgrave folks think so as well given the recent attack ads.  They must know that they are plateaued and need to move the needle.

    Curious whether the Musgrave endorsement by the Chieftain will have an effect.

    • bob ewegen says:

      Marilyn’s district and the endorsement can’t hurt. But that’s her turf anyway. More than 80 percent of the voters live in the Larimer, Weld and North Boulder county sections and that is where the real battle is — though the largely conservative eastern plains usually provide her margin of victory. Pols is right, however, in saying this will be a dustup, even Guy Short admits that.

  6. reefsaver says:

    Republicans are going to have to understand that socially moderate positions, along with true fiscal conservatism and smaller yet efficient government, is the only way forward that is sustainable for the party.

    Too much of the “social conservative” agenda damages the party and the agenda is misunderstood by the general public anyway. I have nothing against people who want to fight for the rights of the unborn; in fact, I consider it a noble cause. But the “true conservative” values freedom from government intervention so the issue should be addressed as much as possible through the private sector.

    Trying to pass legislation to prevent gay people from getting ‘married’ is hardly worth getting kicked out of office for. Too many voters just don’t care. Gays adopting children is another matter, and that is the provenance of the government at either the Federal or state level, but a simple marriage that is only affecting two people just doesn’t qualify as a national emergency.  The “true conservative” would just say live and let live.  

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