Udall Calls Out Schaffer’s “Partisanship”

Pretty good new Mark Udall spot:

Red meat for the “I hate politics” independents.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    I agree it’s a good ad, and it will attract independents.

    Has anyone else seen the anti-Udall ads by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? One of them calls Udall “as shifty as middle eastern sand” and the newest one is even worse.

    I can’t find it anywhere, but it shows Udall’s image, and then proceeds to show Ahmedenijad, Chavez and a Saudi. The visuals suggest Udall is trying to help them somehow. Utterly vile, ridiculous attack on a truly great Coloradan.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    I don’t ever see TV commercials because I watch very little TV and when I do, use our ReplayTV (better than TIVO). But my daughter, who is not interested in politics, watches in the gym while working out.

    And she told me that every commercial break is:

    a pro Udall ad

    a pro Schaffer ad

    an anti Udall ad

    an anti Schaffer ad

    ** back to the show

    She’s up in Ft. Collins and she says’s that’s it. I asked her who she’s going to vote for and she said “Udall of course” (see, I dod a good job raising my kids). So all those ads – and they have zero impact on her.

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