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“What we call rational grounds for our beliefs are often extremely irrational attempts to justify our instincts.”

–Thomas Huxley

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Fun times for Pueblo Elephants.

    "It is with great sadness that I [Becky Mizel] tender my resignation as Chairman of the Pueblo Republican Party" –

    "Pueblo County Republican leaders have ordered an audit of the party's finances amidst allegations that the party's former treasurer, Jeff Fogg, mishandled the party's money." –

  2. itlduso says:

    I have formed a 501(c)(3) called "Save the Cloud Forests Foundation".  I am interested in trying to raise funds for a cloud forest research station in Ecuador at a place called Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve.  The money will be used to construct a research building, equip it with microscopes and computers, and fund scholarships for student visits from local schools and higher education institutions.

    I am thinking of using an environmental crowdfunding site to fund this project.  Does anyone have experience/thoughts of this idea?

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Aside from the fact this news will make some Capitol Hill  ‪#‎Koch‬heads explode (<gasp> "We're being powered by WIND?!?") and more 'clutching of the pearls' by our Senate Majority Leader that the War on Coal is a(n) real imagined thing – this is GREAT news for DC residents. Cleaner air. Saving DC consumers millions. More jobs.  If these school yard bullies weren't so busy with their masters in the #Fossilonian world, it would be hard to imagine someone designing a more (small 'c') conservative model for energy production.

  4. Duke Cox says:

    I hope I live to see the day the “Fossilonians” are are as extinct as their energy source..
    30% less expensive…yowza!!

  5. MichaelBowman says:

    "The Party of Lincoln no more"

    But this is the modern GOP. It is no longer “the party of Lincoln” — it is a party literally defending the racism and treason Abraham Lincoln fought against. It’s a GOP transforming from a party of self-styled “patriots” to one embracing the biggest symbol of treason in our nation’s history. 

    • BlueCat says:

      Not just the party of racism and bigotry. Also the party of the vampire corporate elite class sucking the rest of the American people dry but complaining, all the while, that we aren't sacrificing enough. Bernie says it best:

      There really is no shame. The Wall Street leaders whose recklessness and illegal behavior caused this terrible recession are now lecturing the American people on the need for courage to deal with the nation’s finances and deficit crisis. Before telling us why we should cut Social Security, Medicare and other vitally important programs, these CEOs might want to take a hard look at their responsibility for causing the deficit and this terrible recession.

      Our Wall Street friends might also want to show some courage of their own by suggesting that the wealthiest people in this country, like them, start paying their fair share of taxes. They might work to end the outrageous corporate loopholes, tax havens and outsourcing provisions that their lobbyists have littered throughout the tax code – contributing greatly to our deficit.

      Many of the CEO’s who signed the deficit-reduction letter run corporations that evaded at least $34.5 billion in taxes by setting up more than 600 subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens since 2008. As a result, at least a dozen of the companies avoided paying any federal income taxes in recent years, and even received more than $6.4 billion in tax refunds from the IRS since 2008.

      Several of the companies received a total taxpayer bailout of more than $2.5 trillion from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department.

      Many of the companies also have outsourced hundreds of thousands of American jobs to China and other low wage countries, forcing their workers to receive unemployment insurance and other federal benefits. In other words, these are some of the same people who have significantly caused the deficit to explode over the last four years.

  6. Duke Cox says:

    As I grew up in the segregated south, it was not uncommon to hear someone say, ” Save your confederate money, boys, the south is going to.rise again.”
    I know very well the “heritage” they are trying to defend…bullshit, says me…

  7. Progressicat says:

    A fascinating journey in to the world of climate denial.

    Echo chamber of outrage: Ars attends a climate skeptics’ summit

  8. DaftPunk says:

    95 percent of women who’ve had an abortion say it was the right decision

    "Women in this study overwhelmingly felt that the decision was the right one for them: At all time points over three years, 95% of participants reported abortion was the right decision," the authors write.

    And they found no difference in post-abortion experiences between women who had early abortions and those who had late ones: "Notably, we found no differences in emotional trajectories or decision rightness between women having earlier versus later procedures."

    They also found that women reported both positive (happiness, relief) and negative (anger, guilt, sadness) emotional responses to abortion, and that the intensity of both of these emotions declined over time: "[T]he feelings of relief and happiness experienced shortly after the abortion tended to subside, as did negative emotions," the authors write.


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