Palin the liar and polarizer

So is it all going to come down, once again, to who can tell the biggest and most lies in order to become President? Is it all going to come down to the print and broadcast media once again ignoring their role in keeping our politicians straight, in not calling them out when they simply repeat lies over and over again? Palin would risk war with Russia? She is the first vice-presidential candidate in 32 years – 32 years – to NOT have met with any foreign heads of state. But she states clearly that most vice-presidential candidates have NOT met with heads of state. She allegedly fired a state employee over a family matter. Palin accepted earmark funds in the hundreds of millions of dollars during her tenure as Alaska governor, yet she claims to run as a change agent. McCain has loaded his campaign with prominent lobbyists for the banking, oil and other important industries. Yet he claims to run as a change agent.

Time for change  

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