Legislature Keeps Mitts Off Thick Blue Book

Though not without some controversy, as the Denver Post reports:

Lawmakers on Tuesday battled over what information voters should get about a host of ballot measures affecting unions and businesses.

The tussle came as a committee of lawmakers finished approving language for the state’s “blue books,” which will be mailed to all registered voters through early October. Prepared by legislative staff, the booklets describe each measure on the November ballot – 18 this year – and lay out arguments for and against the measures…

Over hearings Monday and Tuesday, the committee approved only a few changes that were mostly technical. But lawmakers from both parties Tuesday tried to rewrite descriptions of ballot issues pushed by labor and business groups this year.

The blue book’s section on Amendment 47, the so-called “right to work” measure that says paying of dues or fees to a union cannot be a condition of employment, sparked criticism from Democrats.

The argument in favor of the amendment said: “Labor laws are a factor that businesses consider when deciding where to relocate or expand. Therefore, the measure may help the state as it competes with other states for new jobs and business investment.”

Sen. Lois Tochtrop, D-Thornton,said that was false and that businesses consider education, climate and other factors when relocating – not right-to-work laws. She tried to have the language deleted but could not muster the 12 votes needed.

Similarly, Republicans attacked blue-book descriptions for some of the measures unions are pushing in retaliation for the right-to-work measure.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    When the legislators write the Blue Book? Why is it that they do that again? Seems like we would all be better off if the Dems and Repubs on Pols wrote the arguments (Libertad excluded.)

    Seriously though, wouldn’t an independent political organization–one that can argue in a way that doesn’t include lying and distorting the facts of the amendments–do a better job explaining these things to the voters?

    And doesn’t the legislative body have enough to worry about without this?

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