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“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.”

–Edmund Burke

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  1. Zappatero says:

    Major electoral warning on '16 Republican motivation (Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show already figured it out): the 2016 election is Republicans' second chance to kick that black man out of the White House, and they are poised for success this time.

    Each and every Republican will relish the vote and will tell their grandkids they were the key vote in finally kicking that Kenyan-Muslim-Socialist-Tyrannical-Weakling who Hates America and Hates Business out.



  2. Zappatero says:

    Trade Silence is Golden 

    With well over 600,000 members, the Communications Workers of America (CWA), an AFL-CIO affiliate, is—by far and away–the largest communications and media labor union in the U.S.  So, when outgoing (after a decade at the helm of the union) CWA President Larry Cohen announced over the past few hours that he’s going to work as a volunteer in the Sanders campaign, in large part due to Hiillary Clinton's equivocation on granting President Barack Obama so-called fast-track authority on his mammoth trade deal,” it’s pretty damn newsworthy. And, I’m sure many of CWA’s members will be reporting upon this story, as well.

    Our senior senator did his part to delay Obama's secret trade deal and made sure the press releases were fired off within minutes. Then he did what he was always going to do: vote to give the president fast track authority. Now he's doing what all Corporate Dems are doing: shutting up about the damned trade bill.

    All this stuff may be inevitable, and this may be the most progressive trade deal in history, and if so, why not hash this thing out in public, over time, with the disinfecting light of public scrutiny?

    The one thing most of its supporters want right now is zero scrutiny, fast passage into law, and the same for a whole series of new trade agreements with everyone about everything. And when all this is said and done, the bipartisan support, the acquiescence of Tea Party Republicans, the silence of the Chamber of Commerce, and the systematic actions DC's ConservaDems are what worry me most and are the surest signs that Corporate America will be the big winner and the Middle Class will be fighting over world trade scraps once again.

    Hey, I'll know we finally won when my Chinese counterpart is training me to take his job for half his pay. 

  3. BlueCat says:

    Certain elements might like his crass bullying style but that's a very small segment as witnesses by his ultra low popularity everywhere including his own state. Sit down and shut up is just not what most Americans consider presidential.

    • Zappatero says:

      yeah, and these guys show just what an ego trip it is to run for prez on the R side. Jindal horrible approval in LA, Christie horrible approval, Walker associates indicted and in jail, JEB millions in questionable business practices over the years.

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      The Big Boy did win the coveted endorsement of Paul LePage (Teabagger-ME) today. Of course, LePage may be facing an impeachment vote by the ME House and just had his veto of the state budget overriden so his effectiveness isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  4. itlduso says:

    As Texas elected officials defy the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling, I thought it was a good time to highlight the new slogan for Texas tourism:  "Texas — It's Like a Whole Other Country!"


  5. BlueCat says:

    Any trade pact that requires turning a blind eye to the atrocities of slavery in order to keep potential partners happy is a moral abomination. Whether it promises profit or making the trains run on time or not. Not a bit different than turning a blind eye to the holocaust was. Not one bit.  Sen. Michael Bennet, a Jewish descendant of holocaust survivors on your mother's side, you should be ashamed of not loudly and publicly proclaiming an absolute refusal to vote yes on any trade deal that does not forcefully address this issue. It's a shonda. Ask one of your relatives to explain what that means. President Obama, with a wife and children descended from those who suffered through the American holocaust, it’s equally shameful for you to ask anyone to do so.

    • BlueCat says:

      By "do so" I meant fail to refuse, of course, a confusing combo of negatives. I probably should have said it's equally shameful for you to ask anyone to support a pact that turns a blind eye to slavery, President Obama.

    • BlueCat says:

      And CHB… do you really believe we're  so diminished and pathetic that we have to dance to the tune of a regime like Myanmar's on TPP? Seriously? Then we're nothing but a bad bloated joke of a superpower anyway. 

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Hey, it's USA, Burma, Somalia that together continue to avoid adoption of the metric system. No argument re the atrocities of slavery, but it needs its own attention and not being caught up in a trade bill.

  6. davebarnes says:

    The Denver Post continues to shrink.

    "Beginning July 6, you’ll notice the Monday and Tuesday newspapers are smaller.

    Now, we must apply our skills to the next-generation digital newsroom. It’s time for Denver Post 4.0!"


    • gertie97 says:

      Very sad. Moore is an idiot.


    • BlueCat says:

      I guess they don't care at all about their print customers anymore.

    • dustpuppy says:

      I'm waiting for the wife to give up DP (she only uses it for the ads and coupons)



    • The realist says:

      They are moving so far away from a daily newspaper for a large city – and toward what?! An imitation of Facebook or Twitter? – hey, we're going to have "breaking" news, short articles, and . . . and. . .  Will investigative reporting and feature stories be a thing of the past (no jumps, we're told)? Ugh.


      • BlueCat says:

        We only still get it because we're old and addicted to having a paper to read in the morning at the breakfast table. As far as on line news consumption there are plenty of better sites to access than the Post. Once I give up reading the print version altogether I'll rarely have reason to bother with it and I honestly don't know any young people who do. My son consumes lots of news but not from the Post. When they lose their older readers I don't see them gaining a lot of younger ones who don't have the habit of reading a newspaper and can get all the news they want without subscribing to anything. Making the paper less and less appealing to those who like newspapers doesn’t sound like a promising strategy going forward. And it’s less appealing all the time.

        • exlurker19 says:

          It's expensive, but I subscribed my husband to the NYT.  It has actual articles in it.  No local Denver news, but the Toast doesn't really have that either.  He loves reading the paper in the am too.

          • FrankUnderwood says:

            Actually the NY Times often has been Denver local coverage than the Denver Post. (But there are those coupons and the Broncos coverage to keep the Post in demand.)

  7. mamajama55 says:

    Bernie Sanders live stream from Madison, Wisconsin. Over 10,000 showed – they had to change the venue twice to accomodate them.

    At this point, it's recorded video, since he spoke two hours ago in Mountain Time.

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