Kolomitz walks

from the Denver Post

Insufficient evidence exists to pursue criminal charges against Gov. Bill Ritter’s former campaign manager in connection with his expenditures of inaugural funds, a special prosecutor announced this afternoon.

An investigation “has determined that at this time, the evidence is insufficient to establish the commission of a crime by Mr. Kolomitz,” said the Arapahoe County district attorney’s office, which was appointed special prosecutor for the case in April.

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  1. Something Is Brewing says:

    The Governor was clearly petty and vindictive in the way he handled this matter.  As a former prosecutor himself he had to have known there was no criminal conduct on Greg’s part.  Sloppy bookkeeping all around including by the Governor but nothing criminal.  

  2. RockySnark says:

    No one has mentioned the collateral damage that Kolomitz has incurred as a result of this process.  Despite the outcome here, bad press like this can’t be good for one’s career.  An unfortunate and sad drama for a former rising star in Colorado Democratic politics.

  3. Barry Gibb says:

    laws were broken and things were handled improperly.  Yet no one is held legally accountable.  Goes to show… crime pays.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      where a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.  I guess Barry is from the gulag mindset where everyone is guilty until they can prove their innocence.  Move back to Russia Barry.  You’re not worthy to live in a free society that respects the rule of law.

    • spaceman65 says:

      then there was no crime committed.  And the D.A.’s office investigating (Arapahoe County’s) doesn’t exactly have a reputation for leniency.  Now that there will be no charges, it’ll be interesting to see if the “other side” of the story comes out.  

    • Jambalaya says:

      …unless you believe Coffman is sweeping it under the rug.  Do you?

  4. Jeff Bridges says:

    The whole, “Whoops, I lost my computer” thing actually works!

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      What’s good for the goose huh Jeff.  Compared to an over budget party those 200 days of missing emails in 2003 included an invasion of Iraq, Abu Ghraib and the Valarie Plame revelations.  No crimes there but a missing laptop absolutely proves criminality.  You gotta love the rank hypocrisy of the right.  You can put lipstick on a rightie but they are still hypocrites.

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