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“If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.”

–Carl Sagan

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    • mamajama55 says:

      So the affair part was true. Meh. Still don't care. The affair was not why House was pressured to resign. The "family values" folks always manage to ignore and forgive when their heroes transgress (unless the transgressee is the same sex as the hero, in which case the hero must resign).

      The recipe is: 1. Confess. 2. Public apology, preferably with tears. 3. Public photo op, preferably with doting wife, preferably with her not looking as traumatized as Wiener's or Sanford's wife and kids did. 4. Thoughts and prayers. Rinse, repeat. 5. Rehab  and Retreat. Rinse, Repeat. 6. All clean. Good as new. Go forth and sin no more, or at least be more careful not to get caught.

      • FrankUnderwood says:

        Vagueness about the transgression helps too. Remember David Vitter's nebulous admission to having committed "serious sin"? By omitting the details about the diapers and the breast feeding ("infantilism" is the clinical term used by mental health professionals for Vitter's version of kink), Vitter has positioned himself as front runner to be governor of Louisiana.


    • BlueCat says:

      Had Bill Clinton taken that advice we never would have had a President GW , the Iraq War, maybe not even 9/11 since Gore and whatever advisers he would have had would have been a continuation of the folks Cheney/GW and friends studiously ignored as hair on fire hysterics. 

      Yes there was a right wing conspiracy. It wasn't exactly a secret and Bill finally handed them something they could use on a silver platter, knowing they were watching him like a hawk for any opportunity. That said, there is obviously more to our Colorado tale than what we've learned so far and blackmail is still blackmail. Looking forward to the rest of the drip, drip, drip.

  1. taterheaptom says:

    Letting the little head do the thinking in no way exonerates our highest law enforcement officer in Colorado from violating law. 

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Things are looking better and better for Daryl Glenn.

    • Zappatero says:

      Bennet has no accountability from the right or left.


      Michael Bennet (CO)
      Maria Cantwell (WA)
      Tom Carper (DE)
      Chris Coons (DE)
      Dianne Feinstein (CA)
      Heidi Heitkamp (ND)
      Bill Nelson (FL)
      Tim Kaine (VA)
      Claire McCaskill (MO)
      Patty Murray (WA)
      Jeanne Shaheen (NH)
      Mark Warner (VA)
      Ron Wyden (OR)

      This means that tomorrow fast track will pass the Senate. We will see whether the TAA gets added.

      Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who campaigned vigorously against Fast Track, said the vote represented a win for corporate America.

      "The vote today—pushed by multi-national corporations, pharmaceutical companies and Wall Street—will mean a continuation of  disastrous trade policies which have cost our country millions of decent-paying jobs."

      And Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), another of the most vocal opponents of Fast Track, railed against TPA moments before the vote, accusing Congress of turning on its "moral" obligation to assist the working class.

      "How shameful," Brown said. "We’re making this decision knowing that people will lose their jobs because of our action.".

      Bennet's  bipartisanship above all else strategy, which Gardner must laugh at and that voters care very little about, continues to cede argument, policy, and the perception of political strength to Gardner…..while making sure a Gardner and a Bennet are indistinguishable as seen from the voting booth. And Bennet gets the bonus of opposing unions one more time, and the Third Way/Fix the Debt/Blue Dogs shall rise again.


      • First – TPA will not cause people to lose their jobs. It only grants the President authority to negotiate a deal which will be directly approved or rejected by Congress (as opposed to being altered by Congress, which makes negotiations very difficult at best). The battle must move to fighting approval of the trade agreements themselves, and there are at least some allies in the Republican Party on that account – we still have a chance.

        Second – the President has indicated that he will veto TPA against his best interests if TAA doesn't also pass. I don't know if he'll hold to that, and I don't know how much it matters considering the last attempt at TAA cut Medicare to fund job retraining. The current TAA runs out soon, and Republicans aren't that interested in renewing it – certainly not at the level it really needs to be funded in order to be effective.

        So for now, shift to the TAA where the real action has always been, see if the President keeps his promise to only sign TPA if TAA also passes, and then after that, work to defeat the actual problem: bad trade agreements.

        • Oh – and can we please find someone to at least challenge Bennet from the left? Now that much of the Republican bench has been sidelined, he deserves at least token competition to let him know that there is a left flank.

          • BlueCat says:

            You seem to be pretty much on board with Obama. So's Bennet. Both centrists. Surprised you're looking for someone to primary Bennet from the left.

            • I guess that depends on how you see things.

              TPA is an authority that every president from FDR through Bush 43 has had (except Nixon). It is nothing more than acknowledgement that the President and the Executive offices he controls are the authoritative negotiating voice of this country, subject to Congressional approval of a final deal.

              I don't approve of TPP – the trade agreement that Obama would like to complete under Trade Promotion Authority – nor did I approve of the terms of NAFTA or the other trade agreements between then and now. The international markets they opened up have not been worth the price in jobs, wages, and the environment that they have cost. And I don't think that the TAA is nearly sufficient; it's a band-aid meant to make us feel better about negotiating away our jobs. If this makes me "on board with Obama", then you have a strange definition of "on board".

              • In summary:

                TPA – Trade Promotion Authority. Allows us to negotiate with nations under the assumption that Congress may reject a deal, but will not alter it and probably break it as a result. I support this

                TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trade agreement being negotiated by President Obama with 12 other nations along the Pacific. I do not support what I've heard of this.

                TAA – Trade Adjustment Assistance. A package of aid designed to help workers displaced by trade agreements. Due for renewal Soon. Woefully inadequate, and the renewal offer says we pay for it by cutting Medicare. Do not support as written – would support if it was "fixed" and would probably support so long as it didn't rob Peter to pay Paul regardless of how strong it was – something's better than nothing, but taking away things to get other things in this case is not.

  2. BlueCat says:

    Weird things going on . Recent comments appear and disappear in their usual column on the right of the page. I click on some and get to them. Others just get me to the same thread over and over where the comments I clicked on are not to be found. Is someone messing with us? 

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