Don’t Let the Media Fabricate the Liberal Voice

In the past 3 days I have knocked on many, many doors to register voters and discuss the Presidential Election.  I am there to support Barack Obama and the local candidates I believe in.  I have listened to a lot of people.

NO ONE, has mentioned Sarah Palin’s family or her personal problems.  I have heard a lot about her stances on many issues including oil, education, the wars, women’s rights and others.  People have mentioned concerns about her morals, but this has been in regard to the political actions she has taken.  Her reversal on some stances and poor judgment/hypocrisy in others, and her choice of groups to associate and the views they represent are the most notable.  But, no one is attacking her character or family life and I believe that is representative of nearly all of Barack Obama’s supporters.

We must not let them continue to imply we are in an uproar because she is a woman with a family and real family issues.

This is the political influence at work in media.  Trying to generate a story to attract viewers and keep the race close.  It appears this is the Rovian tactic at play and we cannot let it succeed.  

If the media is able to portray this as a close race, and feed the fears and hatred that keep voters from hearing the truth in Barack’s message, then they will have the margin of difference they need to steal the 3rd election in a row.

Keep asking the right questions and stop responding to the “Right” questions.

Denounce those who question her parenting and family life and explain the real reasons why she is not the Vice President America needs.

I know Liberal values and what the media is portraying is a farce.   We respect women and honor those who represent the communities that elect them.  Here in Colorado there are an amazing number of women in both the State House and the State Senate.  The vast majority of which are Democrats.  Even the lady I ran against in 2006 has since changed parties pointing to the hatred and backroom politicking of the Republican Party as the reason.  (Though I like to believe some of my arguments had something to do with that.)

Democrats have always respected women and have been rewarded with strong female role-models like Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferarro, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Pelosi; to name a few.

In closing, I still hope that my daughters see the first woman elected President.  I also know that Sarah Palin was selected as a political ploy.  I fear that if McCain wins due to this blatantly dishonest gimmick, it may some day hinder women who have earned a chance to be considered for Executive roles from earning the full respect of the voters.

We need to help Barack Obama elected because he values and respects women as equals, not pawns.

Earth is my mother and Sun is my Father.

I worship All and the name I give It is God.

Vae victis – Rome

Matt Bryant

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  1. benjidp says:

    My response is this…

    Every democrat I have ever spoken to on the following topic has agreed, Fox News is biased and unbalanced. However, when questioned about CBS, NBC, ABC, and the likes, they believe that they are in fact, fair and balanced.

    So then I submit to you, why is it that your media covers Sara Palin’s daughter so eagerly, while John Edward’s affair went under the rug. Not even two days were spent on the topic. The liberal media covers Barack Obama as if he is the Messiah, the Chosen One, fill in the blank, while downplaying all of McCain’s successes and driving Palin into the ground. Although, I’ll have to say that I  personally believe there is no way Obama/Biden can win! I’m grateful for this. I agree that Obama has come far in his career, but he doesn’t have the experience nor the background to run this country. His first assignment after November, should be enlist in the army. Maybe there he can gain some experience and go see first hand what wonders we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. We just gave Anbar back to Iraq. Isn’t that an accomplishment?

    • gouko787 says:

      The media is trying to pump this up for ratings.  The closer the race the longer they can have 24/7 coverage.

      I see the same thing as was evident in the blown up Obama vs. Clinton fued.

      My guess is that in 3 days the medie will be asking if they made too big a deal out of it.

      But for now it gives the GOP plenty of passive agressive ways to attack the “Angry Left”

      Also, if Edwards was the VP nominee then it would be getting a lot more attention to this.

      My question to you is what are the oil reserves in the Anbar compared to the rest of Iraq and what about the 14 of the largest military bases in the world we have built.  Waht are they for? To stage an attack on Iran?

      I have no doubt the GOP will have the October surprise of “Victory: Part 2” but it will be a show.  We are their to stay and we are staying “active” with our forces till they sign the Oil Profit Sharing Agreements.

      Thank you.


  2. gouko787 says:

    They forgot to turn off the microphones and we can hear what they really think.…  

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