Pakistan II

My last diary on Pakistan indicated that the Kuwait News Agency had reported that the USA has joined a coalition of forces active in Pakistan.

It would appear that the answer to my question (has the war spread to Pakistan) is yes. Additionally, US covert operations are frequent in Iran.

A President will have a hard time ending a conflict that the Pentagon and the intelligence community support. Both organizations consider the President transitory while the military establishment has permanency.

The AP link below discusses USA lead raids on Pakistani soil.…

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  1. Barron X says:


    The US set them up in Diyala Governate near the Iranian border (Camp Ashraf)

    and reportedly allowed them free rein to harass and terrorize within Iran’s borders.  

    Actually, Saddam set them up there, for the same purpose.

    The US just continued Saddam’s policy.

    That’s right: the US is a state sponsor of terrorism.

    Al-Maliki wants better relations with the Persians, so he’s shutting the MEK down.


    • redstateblues says:

      I would vote for you in a second, even with your stances on social issues. I really hope that you get to debate the major party candidates soon, I would love to see you blow the other guys away on foreign policy.

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