A Celebrity Filled Gala…Night 2 of the RNC

While I have been promoting the idea of focusing on the ideas and opportunity Barack Obama offers, we all need a good laugh and I find the irony in tonight’s RNC Fundraiser/Convention too much to pass up.

We saw Dubya bow out and make a speech via satellite like an actor who is too good to show up and accept an award in person.  The award for Worst President Ever.

Then a nice tribute to the “great” GOP hope, a former actor.  Maybe only a B grade celebrity, Ronald Reagan seemed to always be on stage and his wife Nancy loved the spotlight too.

Fred Thompson, an actual celebrity, took the time to stop by and deliver a decent speech. (full of omissions and half truths)  Anaconda’s Jon Voight stopped by as well to make us feel good.

Then at last, Joe Lieberman.  Not an actual actor, but I believe he is most known the “drama” of 2006 and not his inspiring role as a representative of those who elected.

Sadly, the night was not capped off by the newest world-wide celebrity, Sarah Palin.  A former beauty queen and TV personality who still delivers a speech like a cheerleader.  (I think she is actually a decent and interesting person in many ways, though I do disagree with her on nearly every major area of concern for Americans.)

On a side note, Fred Thompson was there to replace the Governor of California whom I’ve heard rumors of staring in a few movies of his own.  If only Sunny Bono was still around, he would have fit into tonight’s them very well.

Overall, it makes me proud that I support a candidate who says what he means, believes what he says and doesn’t rely on gimmicks to gain few points.

I leave you with this, in good humor and with the flavor of SARCASIM:

SARAH PALIN:  A Rising Celebrity, but is she Ready to Lead?

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