Fatimah Ali threatens a full-fledged race war if McCain wins

Fatimah Ali’s opinion in today’s Philadelphi News http://www.philly.com/dailynew… that we will have a full fledged race war unless Barack Obama wins may either be considered a prophecy or a threat; however, I see this sort of opinion by Fatimah Ali as a thinly disguised threat of violence and intimidation to try to force people to vote for Obama.  In that regard, this smacks of the intimidation that Phoenix Rising speaks of in his diary “Calling a spade a spade” http://coloradopols.com/showDi…

Are we seeing the beginning of threats by the black community against not merely white but black, yellow, brown Americans–Americans of any color–that unless we vote for Barack Obama, the race riots of the 60s will be foisted upon us again?  Americans of any color will vote against Obama, if this kind of race card is being played.  Democrats would do well to avoid the message of Fatimah Ali.  It will not win, but lose the race for Obama if her message becomes the message in the background, the threat to “vote for Obama, or else”.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    is ridiculous. One article does not speak for the vast majority of African Americans. It does not constitute any sort of “threat” from any particular community. It is one man’s opinion.

    That’s what you get for getting all your news second-hand from the drudge report.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    This is someone who threatens because they don’t have anyone listening to them. It’s like James Dobson – we have nuts on both sides.

  3. I have no idea who this person is.  Neither does most of the rest of America, nor will they ever hear her voice or read her screed.

    Oh, and David – the difference between Ali and Dobson is that Dobson does actually control a $200m/yr. media network.  People do actually hear him on the radio across the nation.

  4. Colorado Pols says:

    Whether intentionally or not.

  5. rocco says:

    The person that wrote the opinion piece is as big an idiot as the person who repeated it here.  

  6. Go Blue says:

    Did anyone miss the huge signs outside the DNC proclaiming all Democrats are going to hell… simply for not voting Republican?

    Republicans would do well to avoid the message of James Dobson… oops he already endorsed McCain.

    • But I did see the Jesus peddlers peddling their bikes up and down the line heading for Mile High, telling me to “find Jesus – you’re going to Hell!”

      Since I’m already on decent terms with Jesus, I didn’t pay them much mind.  All I could think, though, was just what theological trouble they could get into if they’d actually stopped and talked to many of us.  There were probably enough pastors, reverends, and others in the line to have tied the protesters into knots…

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