Don’t Blame the Republican Voters

In the hours since Barack Obama’s acceptance speech I have been in contact with many people, friends and family as well as strangers.  I have been on the phone for hours, written an account of my plan to help Barack succeed to deliver to all my friends and family as well as the papers and blogs, and I have listened.  There has been a line drawn and as Obama put so well last night, you either get it, or you don’t get it.  All else is business as usual and with both candidates you either love them or hate them.  

Until Barack’s speech last night I would have been to among the first to attack those who criticized my nominee.  But when that line was drawn, at that moment …

when Barack said, “This was never about me, this was about you,” I realized that I did not have to fight with those who did not get it anymore.  Instead, I needed to be refocused and happy.  We are now in the position to finish what will be the first major step in reversing the damage done and restoring the America in which I grew up proud.  

Really, I can’t help but feel sorry for the Republican voters who are left and still voting for McCain.  Whatever their motivations may be, now seem silly to me.  The allegiance to a war built on lies and fear will be futile if we can finish what we started.  The belief Obama and Democrats are going to raise taxes on the poor and middle class seems like a shield to hide another more embarrassing deciding factor.  Racism or sexism, whatever the reason, I do not blame them anymore.  

Barack Obama has armed us with the most powerful tool in the world.  Even more powerful than the mighty blog is the TRUTH.  Instead of blaming those who do not get it, we can educate those around us and change the culture of America.  Once Barack Obama is in the White House and we are rebuilding America we will become a society in which the children of those who opposed Obama for the wrong reasons will benefit from Obama for the right reasons.  

Barack Obama will not fix America, but he will stop the decline.  We must make sure Bush was the rock-bottom.   So that 8 years from now we are looking for a candidate to finish what was started by the Obama Presidency, not start what was forgotten before continuing the same path of last 8 years.

If we can do this we will be moving towards a United States of America in which the children of those who feared Barack Obama, will be searching for someone like him to continue the work.

Don’t blame those who fear change, work to elect Barack Obama and change the culture of fear bred by the GOP and corporate America.  

Those who fear Obama are those that most need him.

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  1. ThillyWabbit says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

    That’s from the May state convention. And Udall used that line again in his Mile High speech on Thursday.

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