McCain Picks Sarah Palin as Vice President

Colorado Pols Update: It’s Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska who looks like Tina Fey with bad hair. THIS is the person who voters can expect to be President should anything happen to the 72-year-old McCain? Really??? Looks like Barack Obama just got a double bump.


from MSNBC

Two of the leading candidates to be John McCain’s vice presidential pick – Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney – appear to be out of the running, NBC News reported Friday.

And it looks like it will be Gov. Sarah Palin

A Gulfstream IV from Anchorage, Alaska, flew into Middletown Regional Airport in Butler County near Cincinnati about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, said Rich Bevis, the airport’s manager. He said several people came off the plane, including a woman and two teens, but there was no confirmation of who was aboard.

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  1. Made you look!

    ABC reports Palin is still in Alaska, supposed to be at the State Fair today unveiling the new quarter or something.

    Lieberman may also be a head-fake – I just can’t imagine the GOP convention taking Lieberman as VP and actually liking it.

    Portman is from Ohio…

  2. Arvadonian says:

    it could make for an interesting VP debate.  All either of the two candidates will say is, “I agree with Joe”, and “Joe is right”, on every issue except the war in Iraq.

    I’m thinkin’ its Palin….the folks at the Fair will understand if she can’t make the quarter unveiling.

  3. Laughing Boy says:

    But Palin is great.  She’s going to be real trouble for the Dems.  

  4. Haners says:

    Since we won’t know for sure until a couple of hours from now, here’s something of a prediction….

    1)  Romney

    2)  Pawlenty

    3)  Palin

    4)  Portman

    McCain has been competitive in the polls, so picking someone like Lieberman isn’t as probable since he doesn’t need a huge shot in the arm.  If it turns out to be Palin, I’ll be very happy (she’s my second choice after Romney).  Pawlenty’s stock has risen considerably lately because of Obama’s pick of Biden, and McCain would be helped by having someone with a blue collar background

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    from TPM

    In a press conference this afternoon, Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) conceded that someone inside her administration pressured the state’s Department of Public Safety to fire State Trooper Mike Wooten, Palin’s former brother-in-law, who is now embroiled in a bitter custody battle with Palin’s sister.

    Palin’s statement is the latest in what has come to be known around Alaska as “Wooten-gate.” The scandal began on July 11, when Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan was fired from his post with little explanation, a move that quickly raised questions in Alaska.

    • twas brillig says:

      Well this is awkward:

      Palin replied: “As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question.”

  6. PERA hopeful says:

    “He picked the MILF!”

  7. colorado76 says:

    Senator McCain has invested so much time and money into saying senator Obama shouldn’t be elected because of inexperience, and then goes out and chooses someone with even less experience.

    I guess he hopes people will pay enough attention to governor Palin to like her but not enough to note the irony?

    The really unfortunate part for him I think will be to kick-start serious discussions about McCain’s age and health.  The remarks on age have been confined mostly to jokes thus far, but he’s just invited voters to begin handicapping his life expectancy.

    The Democrats just finished making the case that a new face can be a good leader, which will make it hard to turn on a dime and begin to criticize governor Palin, but Republicans just finished making the case that choosing someone without experience would be a disaster, which begs the question: what are the odds that senator McCain’s vice president will ascend to the presidency, possibly soon?

  8. dwyer says:

    This choice scares the holy s..t out of me, She has no foreign policy experience, none. She will be the puppet of the cabal which ran gwb…  This is finger in your eye, America….Because at age 72, McCain’s VP choice is really significant…

    It puts the catholic vote into play….bishops can say with a choice between a “pro-life ticket” and an “pro-choice ticket,” catholics have to choose the pro-life.. ..

  9. colorado76 says:

    It will be interesting to see how much this fires up senator Clinton for senator Obama.  There has been much talk of she and Bill quietly hoping McCain would win, but now if that happens, overnight senator Clinton will become an underdog in the race to be the nation’s first woman president.

    If McCain’s age or health forced him to only serve one term, Hillary would be looking at challenging an incumbent woman.  

  10. Palin is a bold choice, and unless she screws it up or decides to leave public life, she’s likely to be a star in the future of the GOP for quite some time.

    But the choice is extremely risky.  Her youth and inexperience undercut the attacks they’ve been making on Obama.  Her ties to Big Oil don’t help McCain on the energy front.  And her very strong anti-choice stance will solidify the impression of independents that McCain is not a pro-choice Presidential pick.

    OTOH, she’s considered a “maverick” and a corruption fighter in her own right (assuming you discount her current scandal as relevant), and McCain’s image on that front has been attacked relentlessly in the past few days and weeks.  She should shore up McCain’s image among the Religious Right / “family values” crowd, though his record should have done that all on its own.  And maybe McCain still figures he can pry away some of Hillary’s die-hard women supporters, though I and a few of my fellow Democrats were unable to find any of these supposed discontents.

    My overall view: McCain’s choice will not do anything to lock up his nomination, but he is doing an incredible favor to someone in whom he perhaps sees a kindred spirit.  Palin gains national attention and experience debating the formidable Biden and can become a true force in GOP politics in the future.

  11. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    Picking Pallin takes away McCain’s best lines of attack.

    Age. experience. Celebrity.  I mean she is a 44 year old has been governor for less than 2 years (I think she was the mayor of mayberry for a couple of years before that). She was runner up in the Miss Alaska pagent–now that’s a real celbrity.

    She looks more like McCain’s grandaughter or 3rd wife.  Now questions about his age and health are going to be on everyone’s mind.

    Throw in wooten-gate, which brings up McCain’s past history of black balling people.  

    Having 2 X chromosomes is not enough.

    • Fidel's dirt nap says:

      Wooten-gate is not going to help.  That is going to strike a nerve with a lot of people.  

      The question is will it get much attention.  Who knows.

    • cdsmith says:

      Perhaps it’s worth paying more attention to the interview she gave a few weeks back in which she said before she could decide what to think about being picked as VP, someone would have to tell her what a a VP does.

      • cdsmith says:

        Sarah Palin fired a cabinet member, the Commissioner of Public Safety, who was a man named Walter Monegan.  She claims it’s because he was not effectively carrying out her agenda, and wasn’t willing to work with the rest of the government on budgeting.  Other people claim that it’s because we was refusing to fire Mike Wooten, an ex-husband of Sarah Palin’s sister.  Wooten was in a custody battle with Palin’s sister.

        Firing Wooten came up because he got himself in some trouble: he apparently has a nasty temper and made (apparently not particularly serious) threats to kill someone.  From Wikipedia, he also tasered a kid who asked him to do so (wanted to find out what it was like?), and there was some other issue.  Normal procedures got him suspended for a short time, but there was pressure to fire him.  Monegan blocked that pressure.

        So the questions are:

        1. Did Sarah Palin fire Monegan over refusing to fire Wooten?  Or because he wasn’t an effective commissioner?

        2. If it was over firing Wooten, was she doing it in retribution for Wooten’s custody battle with her sister?

        I tend to answer question 1 in Palin’s favor, which means Wooten doesn’t even come into the picture.  On the other hand, someone else (not Palin) in the state government just admitted to applying a lot of pressure toward Monegan to fire Wooten.  So it’s still developing.

      • Danny the Red (hair) says:

        Palin’s ex-brother-n-law, mike wooten, was going through a custody fight with Palin’s sister.

        Wooten is a state trooper.

        An aide to Palin called the head of the state police, walt monegan, to lean on the head of the police to fire wooten.  He doesn’t.  Then Monegan is fired as managaer of public safety for unclear reasons.

        The investigation is still ongoing.

  12. dwyer says:

    Will she resign as governor to campaign? If not, who will be in charge?  What about her children?  Doesn’t she have very young ones?

    We need more information.  Dave from Boulder, what can you link?

    • Haners says:

      Is her Lt. Gov. is in a tight primary with Congressman Don Young, a primary where the winner may not be declared for days.

      If her Lt. Gov wins, and Palin becomes VP, we’re going to see succession work in real life in Alaska

  13. Go Blue says:

    for McCain. Not only is he selling out to the far right by picking an extremist like Palin, who is overwhelmingly unqualified even as a VP, he’s also highlighting his age and gender and as a negative for himself.

    He choice someone not because he thought she was the right person for the ticket, but because he thought it was good political stunt to shore up some votes. This stinks of desperation.

  14. One Queer Dude says:

       I’m not sure if we’re watching the last season of the West Wing, or the short-lived series, Commander in Chief.

      But for the fact that he’s African-American and not Latino, Obama is obviously the Jimmy Smits character from West Wing, Biden is Leo McGarry (hopefully minus the Election Night fatal heart attack), and McCain is playing the role of Alan Alda.

      But change the TV channel and we see Sarah Palin playing Gina Davis’ character on Commander in Chief.  She’s selected with virtually no experience to compensate for the gender gap which the tired, old white male candidate fielded by GOP has to attempt to close.

      It looks like the ratings sweep this year will fall in early November.

  15. Steve Balboni says:

    Nothing like picking a complete unknown VP candidate who totally and completely undermines the two main arguments in favor of your campaign – experience and foreign policy expertise.

    Also when was the last time a major party selected a VP candidate who was currently under investigation in their home state for corruption?

    A total disaster for the GOP today. On the heels of history being made in Denver McCain just dropped a giant turd in the swimming pool.

  16. Arvadonian says:

    in Colorado going to try to defeat Affirmative Action here when their party’s VP pick is an obvious Affirmative Action selection?

  17. Western Way says:

    It looks like the Dems are going to play the sexist card (I’ve already read slurs in this post).  Here is Jim Clyburn (this quote reminds me of the Jesse Jackson comment made by Bill Clinton that he vehemently criticized–Go Go Hypocrisy):

    Now Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro…she proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful.

    • Western Way says:

      McCain did something brilliant he choose a TRUE Washington outsider.  As I heard a delegate to the DNC say last night “We need change and it is not going to come from inside Washington.”  She cleaned up the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in less than a year, a true reformer, with A RECORD OF DOING SO.

      Obama’s speech only gave him 12 hours, not to mention if Biden attacks her like he has McCain, he is going to come across as “one of those mean ‘Republicans,'” Barack always talks about.

      oh and the link to the previous post

      • colorado76 says:

        Its a tacit admission that Obama has been right all along. You’re right that this will generate more excitement among conservatives, but will that be enough?  Can excitement for a change-candidate VP beat excitement for a change-candidate president?

  18. Karinthy says:

    I’m a little dissapointed because I was really looking forward to some Mittens bashing, but I’m sure Romney was disqualified as soon as McCain couldn’t remember how many houses he had. You can’t have a VP pick who owns more houses then you have forgotten about.

    Overall though I am thrilled with this pick. McCain has just completely undercut his strongest argument, that Obama does not have the experience to be President. Someone on this board argued that she has more experience then Obama, are you kidding me? She has been Governor of a small state for less then two years, and before that she was a Mayor of a town of 8000 people, and now she will be a heart beat away from the Presidency. Wow.

    The other thing to be noted is just what this says about the McCain campaign. This pick is an obvious pander to women voters and former Clinton supporters. If that really is there strategy then they are worse off then I thought. The pick hints at a desperate campaign.

    • Arvadonian says:

      If Palin is qualified then former Arvada Mayor Ken Fellman should have been Obama’s pick.  Arvada is 10x the size of the town Palin was mayor of and he was mayor for 8 years.

      She was picked because she doesn’t have a penis and they are hoping that Hillary’s supporters were supporting her only because she doesn’t have one either.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      It really shows how thin the Republican bench is.  This is the most qualified person they can come up with?

      It certainly bolsters McSames mavericky image but it will also cast additional doubts on his judgement.

      • Arvadonian says:

        if they were determined to find a female VP candidate more qualified than Palin they could have turned to Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Kay Bailey-Hutchison, Linda Lingle or Condi Rice.  Why were they not picked–each of them are more qualified (with the possible exception of Lingle) to step in as Commander-in-Chief?  

        With the exception of Bailey-Hutchison, they are all pro-choice.

        • Dabee47 says:

          Palin is probably the most “qualified” pro-life woman out there.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          is that everyone on the Right knows this ship is taking on water faster than the Titantic and don’t want to be rearranging the deck chairs.

          Don’t the Republicans already have the rabid anti-choice vote already locked up?  Someone as fanatically anti-choice as Palin isn’t going to resonate with Clinton supporters.  It really questions McInsanes judgment to angle for Hillary supporters with a women who is against everything that Hillary is for.  What a contradiction in strategy.

  19. ModerateGal says:

    She probably helps secure the right-wing base, but was that really such a problem or was it a smattering of grumbling along the same lines as still unhappy H. Clinton supporters?

    What does Palin bring to the ticket that will sway undecided/unaffiliated voters?

  20. ChrisCooper says:

    If this is the argument used to foil the “she has less experience than Obama” argument, then it cuts both ways….McCain has no executive experience either.  I guess that makes him unfit to lead?

  21. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    After the last week of seeing Barack and Joe together, the ticket of McCain / Palin is bad, bad, bad.  

    It points out how far out of touch McCain is.  He believes women will vote for any woman.  Not true. Women are notorious for not voting for women.  Women wanted Hillary – experienced, tough, known, competent.  Just like Blacks want Barack and not Jesse Jackson, women do not want Palin.  She is no Hillary.

    McCain is showing how little he knows about the American people.

  22. H-Dog says:

    Alaska doesn’t have an income tax. Citizens get a check from the government every year, thanks to royalties from the Alaska pipeline. The state has historically relied upon the seniority of its pols (notably Stevens and Young)to scam vast sums from the federal treasury (remember the ‘bridge to nowhere’?).  The political culture is that of an incestuous, self-regarding small town, suspicious and contemptuous of outsiders. Simply put, Palin’s a hick-an attractive, articulate hick who delights the Republican faithful, but a hick nonetheless.  She’s less qualified to be president than any of the five Republican El Paso County Commissioners-at least two of whom, Sallie Clark and Amy Lathen, are smarter, prettier, more sensible, and just as credible as Ms. Palin.

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